I’M PREGNANT!🤰🏾👼🏽🤱🏾🍼

Hey guys as you can tell by the title I’m pregnant yes been a rough couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to make this video for a while but I have been really really sick right honey very sick yeah I’ve been sick for uh probably like since I was what two weeks no way […]

34th Week PREGNANCY UPDATE | May Stretch marks + Diabetes si Buntis

Hello guys welcome back to my channel this is Ruth and today we are going to do a pregnancy update So this is how my baby looks like right now He so huge! boop! He is big So for my pregnancy app Update I would like to apologize guys it has been so long since […]

What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

hi guys welcome back to my am I gonna say it again this video is basically my way to explain to you how this past eight and a half months been feeling so when you see me smiling and happy I’m positive I am truly on the inside I’m super happy but so enjoy this […]

38 Week Bump Update | Preparing for Labor and Delivery

BABY WATCH! Are You Going Into Labor!?

Are you going into labor? Are you going into labor? Are you going into labor? Wait, we’ll wait. Are you going to labor [inaudible]? [inaudible] [inaudible] but I think with all of these bags we’re going on a trip. No, we’re just getting ready for the birth. What is going on here is something eating […]

BIG DOCTOR APPOINTMENT! Hospital Tour! 32 Weeks Pregnant

What this is a cooler full of pears and we barely made it that we have a big appointment coming up. Big Appointment. I haven’t spent money yet looking forward to this doctor appointment. [inaudible] harvest a harvest day. Alright you guys we are going to attempt to harvest our pears pairs. The Harvest Day. […]

THE BABY IS READY FOR LABOR!! 32 Weeks Pregnant!

I think maybe tabor is ready for labor and baby has turned. He’s getting ready. What? I wanted to show you our little operation that we’ve got going on here. Do you want to see them go up in the sky? Okay. Are you so excited? thumbs up [inaudible] good morning you guys. Um, about […]

సంతాన ప్రాప్తి కోసం ఇలా చేయండి | Late Pregnancy | Late Pregnancy Problems | Astrology In Telugu


Early Signs Of You are Getting Pregnancy | Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy .

Pregnancy Week By Week: 11 Weeks Pregnancy Update

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Troy I bow before you that I watching my video for the first time I’m doing weekly videos about my pregnancy and this is my 11 weeks pregnancy update and last week I talked about a flu i stomach flu my god […]