How to Breathe during Labor | Pregnancy

So how do you breathe when you’re in labor? Or breathing tips for birth. Truthfully this, hee, hee, hee, hoo, hoo, hoo, isn’t really taught anymore. Lamaze has changed its whole approach and now teaches evidence based practices for how to have a positive birth experience. So, when trying to think about tips for understanding […]

How to Find the Right Childbirth Class | Pregnancy

There are many different options for childbirth education courses. Do you take one in your community? Do you take one at your hospital? There are a lot of different things to think about when considering taking a childbirth education class. Some of the different types of childbirth education classes are Lamaze, the Bradley method, birthing […]

Who You Should Have in Delivery Room | Pregnancy

So, who should you have with you when you give birth? The most important thing is to have a labor companion. This labor companion can be your life partner, a family member, a friend, anyone who is there to support you in having the type of birth that you would like to have. It’s really […]

Positions That Help with Labor Pain | Pregnancy

Good positions to use for effective pain management during labor. There are a lot of things that you can do to handle the sensations of labor. Movement is really important during labor and birth. One thing you want to consider is to use upright, gravity-friendly positions to help bring your baby down. You want to […]

What No One Tells You about Childbirth | Pregnancy

Birth is a normal, physiological process just like yawning, breathing, stretching, peeing, pooping, farting. All of that stuff that our bodies normally do on our own, birth is also a normal, physiological process. It just takes a little bit more effort, like more position changing, more movement, more stretching of organs, and just more effort […]