Childbirth: Tearing from front to back?! Say It Taint True! | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy

– Well, I don’t remember it looking like that. Did you know that after giving birth that you can look and feel different down there? So what’s a vagina to do? (bright, peppy music) How big were your babies? – Four pounds – Six pounds, two ounces and seven and a half – Seven pounds, […]

What’s Care O Naturel For Natural Birth and who’s Francelise.

Hello! Are you pregnant and interested in having a natural and unmedicated birth? Whether at home or at the hospital, it doesn’t matter? You can be a 1st time mum or maybe you already have children but you never managed to do it. you are most welcome here in my Channel. My name is Francelise, […]

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit | What You Need After Baby | Postpartum Items You Need | Mai Zimmy

Hello today, I am going to be taking you through everything you need when it comes to postpartum care after having a baby I am not sure how knowledgeable you are when it comes to what happens after a baby I was under the impression that you birth the baby and then Everything’s hunky-dory and […]

How To Get Pregnant Naturally

How To Get Pregnant Naturally

Is a VBAC Safe?

(gentle music) – VBACs are safe. It’s imperative that you have records from the previous delivery. That you make sure the patient has the right type of scar, which is a side to side scar on the uterus. That they didn’t have a post-operative infection.

Labor Hospital Bag: Packing Guide for Mom and Baby | CloudMom

How can I pamper myself during pregnancy?

(soft guitar music) – You know, I think go for it. You need to relax during your pregnancy. We have a lot of aches and pains. Get that massage. Get it as often as you can. Get that pedicure, massage those feet. Nothing bad is gonna happen. Color your hair, wax your parts if you […]

Breathing Techniques During Labor – Ana Paula Markel, Doula

Breathing techniques during labor and birth can be extremely helpful for two different reasons. The first one is if you think of the uterus as a muscle contracting, and you think of that muscle contracting with lots of oxygen in there, it will help to feel more like a wave and a sensation and not […]

What To Expect When Giving Birth In A Hospital – Lauren Hyman, MD, OBGYN

When you first arrive at the hospital, you’re gonna be sent through admitting. If it’s during the day, you’ll go through admitting. If it’s at night or on the weekend, you might go through the emergency department and they’ll take you up to labor and delivery. And, once you get there, the nurse will bring […]