My early (tmi) pregnancy symptoms… you’re welcome.

I’M PREGNANT | pregnancy symptoms, anxiety, cravings, failed gender reveal & more

Do you guys see that? I think that’s a line! Hey guys! Welcome to my channel. Yes, you read that correctly, I am pregnant. If you’re new here my name is Sarah and I have a 20 month old toddler named, Suleiman. This will be baby number two. I am super excited to welcome them […]


Hey guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to share with you my seventeen week pregnancy update and if you are new to my channel, I’m Myka Nice to meet you. So in today’s video we are gonna tell the truth. We’re gonna get down to the nitty Gritty, we’re gonna talk about […]


All right, 29 weeks. Hi, guys. Welcome to my pregnancy updates. I am now 29 weeks pregnant. I’m actually 30 weeks in a couple of days. I’m filming this a little bit late, and 30 weeks sounds really scary compared to 29 weeks because it’s literally like you’re in the home stretch. Basically, today I’m […]

Taking A Pregnancy Test On Camera!! *PREGNANT AGAIN*

hi guys so I’m in the Walmart parking lot right now I am very late on my period which can mean a few different things I am pregnant again or I or my hormones are all messed up both are a big possibility especially since Drake and I haven’t been using protection well we have […]


That’s a chainsaw. Every time I sit down to film there’s a chainsaw, or some other kind of noise. Hi guys, so today is going to be my 15 and 16 week pregnancy update. It was all going so well with the updates, but last week when I was due to film my 15 week […]

34th Week PREGNANCY UPDATE | May Stretch marks + Diabetes si Buntis

Hello guys welcome back to my channel this is Ruth and today we are going to do a pregnancy update So this is how my baby looks like right now He so huge! boop! He is big So for my pregnancy app Update I would like to apologize guys it has been so long since […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Travel During Pregnancy

Are you taking a cruise to nowhere, jetting off to Fiji? I’m Doctor Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to travel when you’re pregnant. Travel can be very safe in pregnancy with a few small bits of information. Safest time to travel is generally during your second trimester. In your first trimester, you’re nauseous, […]

What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

hi guys welcome back to my am I gonna say it again this video is basically my way to explain to you how this past eight and a half months been feeling so when you see me smiling and happy I’m positive I am truly on the inside I’m super happy but so enjoy this […]