Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Tricep Dips | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and our model Ebony is in her third trimester and we’re going to show you how to do some Secret Tricep Dips. Now, this exercise works your arms. It also helps loosen up your shoulders, because, as your boobs get heavier through pregnancy, everything can get really tight and rounded here. So […]


Congratulations you’re pregnant! Here’s some agonizing back pain to kill your joy! If you’re already suffering from lower back pain from those loosening ligaments and joints making space for your baby, you’re not alone. I started suffering from it the day before I got my positive pregnancy test and it didn’t let up, until I […]

The 5 Best Pregnancy Exercises For Every Trimester!

Hi, I’m Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love and today I’m sharing five exercises I add to my routine when I am pregnant I’m currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and these are great exercises to add in your second and third trimester! The first is transverse abdominal breathing. Now I have a whole […]

Pilates Moves to Avoid | Pregnancy Workout

Pilates is wonderful for pregnancy, but there are a few things you have to avoid. First off, very simply, don’t be belly down. After the first trimester, it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable to be lying on your belly, so just do the exercises where you can be on your back or on your side. […]

Strengthen Pelvic Muscle While Pregnant | Pregnancy Workout

Strengthening your pelvic muscles while pregnant is very, very important. I had a client who had four children, natural childbirth, never did a Kegel and ended up having to have surgery inserting a pelvic sling to keep all of her organs safely up inside. If all you do is do a couple of reps everyday […]

What Are the Best Workouts? | Pregnancy Workout

A lot of my clients ask me what is the best work out for pregnant women? The truth is there’s not one best work out. It’s going to be what’s best for you. If your joints are feeling really sensitive swimming is a great way to work out without putting any stress on your joints. […]

How to Tone Your Legs & Buttocks | Pregnancy Workout

We’re going to show you a few exercises to tone your legs and butt while pregnant. First one we’re going to show you is how to do a lunge. Nicki’s going to face and place her hands on the chair. The chair is simply for the sake of balance. If she doesn’t feel like she’s […]

Third Trimester Pregnancy with subtitle

Hi viewers I explain you about third trimester of pregnancy That is 7 to 9 months of pregnancy Each women’s experience is different some women’s feel third trimester is hardest trimester in pregnancy THIRD TRIMESTER SYMPTOMS No 1:Increased Weight While baby factors into part of this added weight, placenta and extra blood in your system. […]

Pregnancy Tips – 2nd Trimester Fitness & Yoga

Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness expert with So, you’re moving right along. You should feel better now and have more energy. Welcome to the second trimester. Today, we are going to focus on fitness and yoga during this stage of pregnancy. There are so many changes happening in your body right now. With […]