Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

I want your opinion of vaginal discharge during pregnancy. If you have a sudden white mucus plug come out, you’re about to end the pregnancy and go into labor. I’m not that far along. The vaginal discharge will go back to white and thick after you ovulate. If you conceive, there may be drops of […]

Painless Childbirth Understanding comfort techniques

For generations women have relied on tried-and-true comfort measures and loving support to cope with labor discomfort In this chapter Understanding comfort techniques you’ll learn an assortment of time-honored Natural pain relief methods that work by engaging your mind and body One very effective comfort measure is the use of breathing to reduce discomfort? While […]

How to do Perineal Massage

Hi I’d like to just take a bit of time to explain to you how to do perineal massage or perineal stretching what are the advantages of doing it? Well, mainly stretching your labia and your perineum and enabling them to be more elastic for when your baby is being born and as well as […]

Gynaecologist Dr Fiona Cowell shows Melbourne City Obstetrics

Hi TraveDoc users my name is Dr. Fiona Cowell I’m an Obstatrician here in Melbourne Welcome to Melbourne City Obstetrics

Why is My Blood Pressure So Low During Pregnancy?

Why is my blood pressure so low during pregnancy? We could fix that by telling you how much college will cost when your kid turns 18. That’s not the solution I need. I’m assuming there is not another reason for low blood pressure like a bad thyroid. Not that I know of. In some regards, […]

Fruits to Avoid While Pregnant

Are there fruits you should avoid eating while pregnant? Pregnancy is the most delicate stage of a woman’s life. It also leaves you with a higher appetite since the unborn baby feeds off of the nutrients from the mother. This does not mean, however, that you should eat whatever you want during pregnancy. In fact, […]

Is 8 Days Past Ovulation Too Early to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Is 8 days past ovulation too early to take a pregnancy test? You can take a pregnancy test at any time. The test is invalid if you take it too soon. Or it gives a false negative because the kid has not taken root, so to speak, and started chemically screaming that it is there. […]

फिग-एप्रीकोट शेक (Fig and Apricot Shake, Pregnancy and Calcium Rich Recipe) by Tarla Dalal,

Hi, I am your Nutrionist Nisha Welcome to Tarla Dalal’s kitchen Today I am going to make milkshake using some dry fruits and milk specially for pregnant women named Fig and Apricot Shake In pregnancy it is necessary to have nutrient-dense breakfast Also sometimes because of nausea and vomiting, you don’t feel like having anything […]

Nutrition & Pregnancy

Hello my name is Ann Berzinski, I’m a clinical dietitian at St. Clair Hospital. Today I’m going to be talking about nutrition in pregnancy. During your pregnancy, you will be eating for two. But don’t think of this as eating twice as much. Think of it as eating twice as well. In general, an additional […]

Cervical Mucus in Early Pregnancy

What happens to cervical mucus in early pregnancy? I would consider a pregnancy test a way more accurate indicator of pregnancy. I’ve been monitoring my cervical mucus to track fertility; I want to know how it changes if I get pregnant. When you ovulate, the cervical mucus gets thinner, clearer, more watery. Yes, and it […]