The Duck Says Moo

♪♪ [audience cheering]>>Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I can’t wait to put my little gentleman in this.>>He’s gonna be a cutie!>>Thank you.>>Okay, open mine next.>>Okay, okay.>>Oh, you guys! No way! He’s gonna love this.>>Yeah, if he’s anything like my little guy, this will entertain him for a solid hour. That doesn’t sound like […]

Pregnancy Brain: An important PSA (Sketch Comedy)

This is you brain. This is your brain on drugs. This is your brian on pregnancy. GAHHHH (shrieks of rage and fury)

Pregnancy Symptoms: How to Cope with Pregnancy Brain | Parents

Many of my pregnant patient’s report forgetting things day- to- day. This is totally normal. I’m Dr. Obosa Osawe here is what you need to know about coping with the mental effects of pregnancy. Forgetfulness is incredibly common among pregnant woman. There is no clinical evidence that pregnancy causes forgetfulness but I experienced so called […]