Expanding Birth Options

– [Narrator] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – The topic today in Neighborhood Health Watch is expanding birth options. The moment a woman finds out she’s going to have a baby, she starts asking questions and considering all the options. Among the first questions, will the baby […]

❤️How to get Lower Back Pain Relief (Fast) ⭐3 Simple Steps ⭐ 2017

There is a new postnatal back pain solution that’s pretty huge right now and when you take advantage of it you can find yourself getting rid of postpartum back pain in no time and if you ignore it well let’s just say you’re missing out and the solution of lower back pain after giving birth […]

Anxiety During Pregnancy: Watch Abby’s Story | I Am Scary Mommy

– I thought that pregnancy was gonna be magical. I thought I was gonna be an angel and like, float around. I thought occasionally I might vomit but it would be like a graceful puke and it was not like that. It was, hell. It’s all I’ve ever wanted was to be a Mom. Then […]


hi everyone welcome back to my channel and here this week to explain your story about my leg I know I brought a video but so many of you been asking me a lot of things what it means these would happen here what is this so I decide even if I put subtitles that […]

Postpartum 101: Postpartum Bleeding | CloudMom

Hi everyone Melissa here CloudMom.com talking today about postpartum bleeding, not something that we talk about everyday. This week I’m tackling in a series of 5 vlogs different issues related to postpartum mommy care for moms. Issues that are often embarrassing, hard to talk about, hard to figure out, but they’re a really big part […]


good morning you guys Adam just left for his first day back at school it’s about 6:30 in the morning I just finished there’s some Grayson I put him back down to sleep and I figured since I’m writing it up I’m just gonna get up now get myself together prep our morning prep our […]

EVERYTHING about LABOR, DELIVERY, RECOVERY | Positive No Epidural Natural Birth Story | best advice

hello hello hello you guys and welcome to my channel today’s video we are going to talk all about my birth experience with my son Ryker I’m making a video like this simply because when I was pregnant I found them to be massively helpful and I’m hoping that it will be helpful for you […]


good morning can you say hi to everyone I just fed him and changed him and I put on this little sleeper this is the first time he’s been in like a footed sleeper and he looks so much bigger to me but this is from left baby these are one of my favorite sleepers […]


have to do the first walk [Music] [Music] she can walk [Music] no did they get free three hours ago [Music] okay so it’s 855 and it’s been about five o’clock this one we had him yeah yeah ours yeah he’s over there in the little warmer I’m just hoping for like 20 minutes right […]

Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy – Obstetrics | Lecturio

[Music] now we’ll talk about psychiatric disorders in pregnancy so there are three psychiatric disorders that we see in pregnancy postpartum blues postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis let’s take the time to explore each of these so postpartum blues it occurs in about 50 to 80 percent of pregnancies so it’s very common the symptoms […]