Ask The Placenta Lady about Cesarean Birth and Placenta Encapsulation

(calm, gentle music) – Hi, welcome to another episode of Ask the Placenta Lady. My name is Jodi but I’m more commonly known as the Placenta Lady. I’ve been working with new moms since 2006. So I’ve heard pretty much every question you can be asked regarding the birth year. It’s pregnancy, child birth and […]

Packing Our Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

– Hello everybody, I am 38 weeks pregnant with our fifth child and I’m finally getting around to packing my hospital bag. I have been a little stressed about this I would have liked to have it packed a week or two ago so I’m glad that I’m doing it now. I’ve just honestly been […]

Baby Notes: The Fourth Trimester

(upbeat music) – Most people are aware of the three trimesters of pregnancy, but many are not still familiar with the term of the fourth trimester. And that’s the first six weeks of the postpartum period. So in the fourth trimester there are many things happening both with the mom and the baby. For the […]

About Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 Labor Gowns, Maternity Hospital Gowns, Delivery Gown

When I first learned that I was going to become a mom, I couldn’t wait to see my little bundle’s face. I dreamed of her all day, the moments we were going to have together. When I was expecting my first baby, I was excited, to start the journey, and become a mother, and meet […]

Labor and Delivery Myths

>We have some myths that I want to go through real quick that I think are kind of fun, that the doctor can say true or false. Doctor your water will break before labor begins true or false?>Not necessarily it could at certain times, but not necessarily It will break before your labor begins.>All right […]

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit | What You Need After Baby | Postpartum Items You Need | Mai Zimmy

Hello today, I am going to be taking you through everything you need when it comes to postpartum care after having a baby I am not sure how knowledgeable you are when it comes to what happens after a baby I was under the impression that you birth the baby and then Everything’s hunky-dory and […]


If no baby was coming you had no business being down there. You were pushing like it was going to come. You guys want to know the truth about what it’s like after you have a baby. I want to first thank everybody who has been following us this whole journey. I feel like we […]

FIRST 48 HOURS AFTER LABOR & DELIVERY | vlog #40 (Kids meet baby + baby name)

Oh baby Newborn cry* Hello everybody I am alive. I survived. This is what they have given me for lunch: Beef barley soup, some fruit, apple juice, water for tea, and egg salad sandwich There’s Ryan and baby Who do you guys think she looks like? She reminds me of Gabriel. So essentially she looks […]

Obstetric Anesthesiologists Discuss Maternal Mortality, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

I’m Dr. James Lozada. You may have seen the ProPublica major investigation about maternal mortality. I want to thank them for taking that issue on. Very important! And I hope you take a look at it well. I happen to be at a conference with obstetric anesthesiologists. This is the main thing they do–they take […]

After Delivery: New moms urged to take care of postpartum health

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Childbirth may be the most natural thing in the world, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy. Over half of women suffer from postpartum ailments. Many of these women suffer in silence embarrassed to talk with their doctor, or even their friends about these difficulties. The University of Michigan is offering […]