Postpartum What To Expect AFRICAN EDITION / THE TRUTH!

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*sorry guys it’s raining outside* Hi guys, welcome back to my channel if your new here my name is Jessica Tang I’m explaining about the Tradition here in Taiwan. And i’m exploring the most beautiful places in Taiwan. and their delicious food. Today i’m going to share with you is about postpartum care after giving […]

C-SECTION RECOVERY TWINS & BABY | C-Section Recovery Tips | Postpartum Care | Mai Zimmy

Hi, my name is Mai and today is part 2 of my c-section experience in my last video I went over why I got a planned c-section, what my c-section experience was like the day of but with my twin pregnancy and my singleton pregnancy and today I’ll be going over everything about the recovery […]

Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: Takeaways

TINA MARTIN: I just want to give each of the speakers an opportunity to give us maybe one or two takeaways from this one. Wanda, we’ll start with you. WANDA BARFIELD: So I think that there’s a lot that we can do. But one area that’s really critical for states is to think about insuring […]

Baby Notes: The Fourth Trimester

(upbeat music) – Most people are aware of the three trimesters of pregnancy, but many are not still familiar with the term of the fourth trimester. And that’s the first six weeks of the postpartum period. So in the fourth trimester there are many things happening both with the mom and the baby. For the […]

Needed Supplies for Home Birth | Important supplies needed for home birth & Postpartum care.

Hi, we are midwives at Well RoundedMomma, we serve the Las Vegas Valley and we are here to answer questions about what you need to have a home birth, what… Supplies are needed in order to have a home birth. Here at Well Rounded Momma, you do purchase something called the birth kit that we […]

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit | What You Need After Baby | Postpartum Items You Need | Mai Zimmy

Hello today, I am going to be taking you through everything you need when it comes to postpartum care after having a baby I am not sure how knowledgeable you are when it comes to what happens after a baby I was under the impression that you birth the baby and then Everything’s hunky-dory and […]

Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: The burden on African American women

WANDA BARFIELD: For more than 30 years, we’ve seen a disproportionate burden of death among African-American women. Today, black women are almost four times as likely to die of a pregnancy related complication compared to white women. And this is really an unconscionable issue importantly emerging data from state based maternal mortality review committees, and […]

Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: Helping rural hospitals

SUSAN MANN: It’s a real different world out in rural health, compared to what I’d been living in Boston. I joke that if I sneeze, there are about four people to hand me a Kleenex. If you’re in a rural hospital, you’re waiting for the truck to come to deliver the Kleenex. So it’s quite […]

Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: Vulnerable and mistreated

ANA LANGER: We documented that everywhere, but it could happen to any woman, but it mostly happens to women who are vulnerable because of race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status. Women are very poorly treated. In fact, they are subjected to completely unacceptable behaviors. Sometimes, they are slapped. They are spoken to in a very rude […]