Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family

The Try Guys Get Photoshopped Like Women

– I am so uncomfortable right now. – Recently we made a video called “Men get Photoshopped “Into Ideal Male Body Types.” – It was a look at how Photoshop affected us as guys. – What we weren’t expecting was this huge response that women have to go through this every single day. – So, […]

Shay Mitchell introduces photo-shoot crew to her pregnancy craving

She is several months along in her pregnancy.And while working on a photo-shoot this week, Shay Mitchell introduced the crew to the delights of her current craving – pickles with peanut butter The 32-year-old Pretty Little Liars alum posted video to her Insta Stories in which she offered a plate of the treat to her […]

The Try Guys Re-Create Photos Of Their Dads • Fatherhood: Part 1

– We used to go to topless bars. Strip shows. – What? I had no idea that you used to do that. – I was fun, I liked it. – Fatherhood! It’s Father’s Day, comin’ up soon. – [Zach] About two years ago, the Try Guys made a motherhood series for mother’s day. – [Keith] […]

The Try Guys Roast Each Other’s Instagrams

(Ned) I know that the other guys do not like my photos very much, so I’m not looking forward to this. (Keith) Your Instagram does look like that of most teenage girls. (Zach) Yeah, that’s all I wanna be. (Keith) You know, you’re crushing it. (Ned) Can i just get one photo of you without […]

11 Types of Student Relationships

[Captions by Y Translator] Hey Kev, are you sure it’s fish in the sea, and not sea in the fish? I’m pretty sure it’s fish in the sea, man. Fish in the semen? There’s no fish in semen. Oh, she’s here. Gotta Go. TYPES OF STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS Hey Denise, you’re early. Oh, yeah, I’ve decided […]

Olivia Attwood is going to take a PREGNANCY TEST as Chris Hughes’ girlfriend muses over baby names

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood reveals she’s going to take a PREGNANCY TEST — as Chris Hughes’ girlfriend muses over baby names after fans claim she has a ‘baby bump’ in recent loved-up snap LOVE Island star Olivia Attwood has revealed she wants to take a pregnancy test after fans claimed Chris Hughes girlfriend has a […]

Guys Try On Ladies’ Underwear For The First Time // Try Guys

*singing* da da duh da da duh da da duh duh Today, I am trying on women’s underwear. Not just any lady’s though… Victoria’s Secret underwear. I will not like this. This will not be over quickly. Gimme dem panties. Uh, actually, yeah, I fit into this pretty okay. These are much lower than they […]