The Birth Of The Viola.

Once upon a time in the 1500s, a luthier called Kachikawawa was making a violin for the orchestras that perform for the King Lunglinguini. Now, Lunglinguini was a very pleasant king and loved music. But one day, he, wanted more bass in the music, so Kachikawawa made an instrument called… the “Double Bass”. The king […]

Dr Phil VS teen *DESTROYED by facts and logic* – Dr Phil #10

My relationship with my mom is out of control. Every day we argue, yell at each other No Stop. Why are you doing this! Yaaa, it’s time for another spoiled child! wow *clap* Doctor Phil Time *clap* Doctor Phil time everybody get pumped it’s Doctor Phil time *up an octave* doctor Phil time, Doctor Phil […]

Why Are Pregnant Women Always Fighting?

hey Star report good evening Monday night and tonight I’m Agee I’m a little Aggie today I’m let you know early okay fixing my pipe hang on a second I’ll be right with you I gotta take off the edge a shitty day a shitty day a Monday okay all right how you doing how […]


Every. Single. Day. I have to put up with so much abuse. And mean comments from you guys. It’s always like I’m the end of the joke. I’m the always the butt of the joke not no no not today That’s right. I’m going to roast you guys. I’ve been collecting comments secretly for the […]

What drinking her juice ACTUALLY gives you… — Dr Phil #6

So, you ask people… This is 2 ½ cups And… you want people to build up to drinking a gallon of this a day?” -Right, cause the thing is people People are very malnourished. What’s going on is you’re so immuno-compromised you are not absorbing all the nutrition, that’s why you see mutation from people […]