Dog Health Treatment & Advice : When Will My Pregnant Dog Go Into Labor?

Hi, I’m Doctor Aimee Beger, and I’m a veterinarian, and today we’re going to talk about how to know if your pregnant dog is going into labor. Typically what you’ll see is your dog may have a decreased appetite or stop eating all together about a day before she is going to give birth. Her […]

Pet Care – Delivery Puppy Care – Bhola Shola

Hi Friends I am Harwinder singh Grewal,Owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm There is a good news for you Now you can find our website in new look and you can open our website you can do shopping anywhere in India we will deliver at your home Hi Friends. Today is topic about Which […]

Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Dog Care: Signs of Pregnancy

Hi,my name is Dr. Pam Nichols. I’m a veterinarian in Bountiful, Utah, at Animal Care Center. I’d like to talk to you today, about how to tell when your dog is pregnant. First thing is, we hope that you’re doing this responsibly, and that you’ve planned to breed your dog, and that you in fact, […]

Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Signs That a Dog Is Pregnant

Hi, I’m Doctor Aimee Beger, and I’m a veterinarian, and today we’re going to be talking about ways to determine if your dog is pregnant. The best way to determine if your dog is pregnant is to go to the veterinarian and have them do a palpation of your dogs abdomen, but, what you might […]

Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Pregnant Dog Care

Hi, my name’s Pam Nichols, I’m with I would like to talk to you about the proper care of a pregnant dog. First of all, before your dog becomes pregnant it’s really important for her to become current on all of her vaccinations so that when she is having puppies she delivers the proper […]

Cat Care & Sick Cats : Signs of a Pregnant Cat

Hi I’m Diana Korten and I’m here today with Gussy to talk about how to tell if your cat is pregnant. Now we know that Gussy is not pregnant because she has been spayed. Basically if your cat has not been spayed your cat is probably pregnant. They go through these cycles every ten days […]