Frazer Hines and his Pregnancy Test

Frazer: You have to pee on this, don’t you? Moderator: You do have to pee on it. Frazer: No, not from there. Get Back! Not from there. No, I don’t pee on it. Moderator: The only thing was ultimately the test failed because what they hadn’t realized was, that really a pregnancy test should be […]

Do Fetuses Poop?

The little scar in the middle of your abdomen marks the place where, for about nine glorious months, all the nutrients you needed to grow and develop and survive flowed straight into your bloodstream while you just floated around in a sac of amniotic fluid. But have you ever wondered what was going on with […]

Does Pee Come out of the Vagina?

I’m Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex curious show Sexplanations. [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH] Last month, I posted a 24 hour poll on Twitter that asked “When did you learn most people with vaginas don’t pee out of them?” I gave four options: childhood ages zero to eleven, adolescence twelve to seventeen, […]

Peeing Yourself

Today’s word of the day is micturate Did you come here to listen to me talk about juvenile topics and tell bad puns? Well, URINE luck! *Laughing* What?! You didn’t? Aww, that really PISSES me off. You all read the title! You know what this video’s gonna be about! Pee ing yourself. [Background voice] JAMES […]

The Try Guys Change Dirty Diapers • Motherhood: Part 2

– Just hold it? – Yeah, just hold it. – Ahhh. Ohhh, ohhh. Alright, okay. Alright, I’m just holding you. (upbeat music) – My name is Gulsah, and here’s my baby, Kaan. – [All] Hi Kaan. – If I see a baby at the grocery store, my goal is to make it smile. – I’m […]

What Happens When You Hold Your Pee?

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And by “go,” I mean relieve yourself. You know…of urine. But sometimes — and we’ve all done this — you’ll hold your pee to finish one more email, or so you don’t miss the end of a movie, or just because you’re too lazy to walk to the […]

A Smooshfoot History: Pregnancy Tests Through The Ages – Video

BILL SMOOSHFOOT: Finding out if a woman is pregnant is not a function of chemistry. It is a matter of observation. Her natural cycles are disrupted, her menses. She grows gravid. Nothing comes to mind quite so quickly when considering a pregnant woman as the noble opossum. These ladies that you see walking about with […]

Should We Spay Pregnant Cats?

Hi everyone Earlier this week i got a call from the DC shelter about a cat They’ve just taken in off the street She was wandering around outside Full-term pregnant and ready to pop Now, I typically take in orphaned kittens, who don’t have a mom But since we have an empty nursery right now […]

The Wrong Way to Reveal Your Pregnancy Test | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) – What’s up? – Nothing. Keep eating. – Did you do something to my food? – There might be a little surprise in there. – Oh, what’s that? – What is it? – Is that a pregnancy test? What the fuck? – Surprise! I’m not pregnant. – What the fuck? – I’m, […]

Hot Dad Action: Pregnancy Test Fail – Video

JODI: Uh, honey? Um, I’ve been feeling a little different lately and I’ve started to think I might be… OWEN: Hungry. Yeah, me, too. Tacos? What do you think? JODI: Uh, no. OWEN: Constipated? Ok, no problem. I get it. No tacos. JODI: Pregnant. I think I might be pregnant. OWEN: What? Why would you […]