Fibroids and Their Treatment | IMPROVING FERTILITY | Fibroids and Pregnancy | Womens Health

hello viewers welcome to our Channel today dr. Sumina reddy is with us consultant fertility specialist and laparoscopy surgeon at le bateau hospital’s Banjara Hills hello dr. ho a doctor and good doctor can you please explain what is fibroids fibroids are benign growths that arise out of the uterus they are seen in about […]

Vasectomy – Penis Surgery – Patient Education Male Medical Video, HandWashing, Gloving

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo a Vasectomy. But what exactly does that mean? Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that serves as birth control by permanently cutting off the flow of sperm to the penis. In adult males, sperm is continually produced in the testicles, or testis. Both testicles are contained in the scrotum […]

Sheila Kitzinger on the fear that exists in childbirth

Subtítles by Toni Harman Sheila Kitzinger Fear of Failure Well when you go into hospital you become a patient. Of course, you may not think yourself so much as a patient. And a woman who is really being patient about being a patient, when she is in hospital, thinks: “Oh dear, I’ll do the […]

Johnston-Willis Hospital L&D Virtual Tour

(Upbeat Music) Johnston-Willis Hospital Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour. Our family waiting area is spacious and comfortable. Certificate of Distinction for High Risk Obstetrics. Recognized for quality care by the Joint Commission. Expert staff on site to meet all your needs. Different room options for Labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum stages. Having baby in room […]

Mastectomy Total Breast Surgery PreOp® Patient Education Medical Videos

Your doctor has recommended that you have a total mastectomy. But what does that actually mean? Total Mastectomy is the removal of the breast. In most cases, mastectomy is required in order to remove cancerous tissue from the body. The extent of tissue removed is determined by the amount of cancer present in your body. […]

If Going To The Gynecologist Were Honest

(whip smacking) (creaking) (knocking) – Hi. The doctor will be in with you shortly. Um, well it could be five minutes, it could be 20 minutes, I’m really just guessing. – Well thank you for moving me from that larger waiting room into this smaller one. And for putting me in this thin, sheet-like, piece […]

360 Virtual Tour of StoneSprings Hospital Center’s Labor & Delivery Unit

(Upbeat Music) A Virtual Tour of the Labor and Delivery Unit Private Lobby with no visiting restrictions. Nurse’s Station. Birthing Suite. Private labor and delivery rooms accommodate your needs through the entire birthing process. In-room education for parents. Comfortable couch converts to bed, for your support person to rest or stay overnight. Room includes infant […]

How midwives deal with complications during labor or delivery

One example of a situation where we might need to consult about the course of labor would be if the baby’s heart rate is not reassuring. A lot of times we can have a physician come in and assess the patient, talk to the patient, make a plan together with both the midwife and the […]

Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour

(Upbeat Music) Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Henrico Doctors’ Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion. The spacious waiting room includes comfortable seating. Welcome to the Women’s Pavilion. The Labor & Delivery waiting room includes a large aquarium. The family waiting area is spacious and comfortable for your visitors. Private rooms are designed for your comfort prior to labor, or […]