Circumcision | Nucleus Health

circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis of your male baby it is usually done within the first few days of birth at birth the penis has a protective sleeve of tissue called the foreskin covering the glans or head the foreskin can usually be pulled back to expose the glans […]

What Not to Do | Labor & Delivery | Parents

A lot of my patients ask me if they should do anything right before they go to the hospital. And really, as long as your bag is packed, you’re kind of ready. You don’t have to shave or wax. Some people ask me if they have to have an enema. And you certainly do not […]

BIG DOCTOR APPOINTMENT! Hospital Tour! 32 Weeks Pregnant

What this is a cooler full of pears and we barely made it that we have a big appointment coming up. Big Appointment. I haven’t spent money yet looking forward to this doctor appointment. [inaudible] harvest a harvest day. Alright you guys we are going to attempt to harvest our pears pairs. The Harvest Day. […]

I Was Homeless Pregnant Teen – Actually Happened Pregnant – My Story Animated Pregnancy

Suddenly and without warning! I found myself homeless! I was 15 years old and an important thing, I was pregnant! I had no money, no place to go, and no one could call for help. I was officially homeless. that was all new to me. my mind was poking me, I had no homeless training!! […]

Amy Schumer Jokes About Pregnancy — But Reveals It’s Been ‘Really Tough’ So Far – News today

 Amy Schumer‘s pregnancy was the butt of the joke at her own comedy show at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday night  While performing her first comedy show since announcing her pregnancy last month, Schumer, 37, discussed being in her second trimester “I don’t like it,” she said, later adding, “I’ve had a really tough […]

THE BABY IS READY FOR LABOR!! 32 Weeks Pregnant!

I think maybe tabor is ready for labor and baby has turned. He’s getting ready. What? I wanted to show you our little operation that we’ve got going on here. Do you want to see them go up in the sky? Okay. Are you so excited? thumbs up [inaudible] good morning you guys. Um, about […]

Pain and Cramping During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

Pain is incredibly common in pregnancy. It’s not easy to carry around a growing uterus for nine months. And most of the pain that people get in pregnancy are related to growth spurts at the uterus and the fetus. In general, if pain is mild to moderate, it’s not persistent, it’s not severe, and it […]

Hospital Bag Must-Haves: What to Bring When You Give Birth + Giveaway!

– I can’t remember if I showered or not. I feel like one of the times, maybe I was forced to? I don’t know, maybe they told me, not ’cause I was smelly but maybe I think they were like, okay, now it’s time for your shower and I was like, okay. Hello everyone, welcome […]

Singing for Strangers!

– [Kids and Adults] It’s Vlogmas. Vlogmas! It’s time to celebrate! – We’re gonna have some more fun, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah. (baby talk) – [Dad and Kids] Vlogmas, vlogmas. – Smell your cheese! I love you and I am friend to us and I love that it’s you and boy. […]

Natural Pain Relief | Labor & Delivery | Parents

If you’re not going to have an epidural, there are some ways that you can try to deal with the pain of labor. You may want to consider a doula who is someone who can help you with pain during labor. They can use massage techniques, help you get into different positions, help you get […]