Words of Support From a Couple After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of a Baby or Child

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Prenatal Bonding / Fetal Psychology – BK Sister Shivani & Dr. Nitika Sobti (English Subtitles)

‘Virtue Baby’. We are with you once again on this series. Namasthe. Having a new addition to the family is said to be a precious time in anybody’s life. Especially when there is a child being welcomed to the family. It’s a beautiful journey for the mother. In this series we understood how to welcome […]

Family Planning, Pregnancy, and Parenting with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Claire’s Story (Part 1)

You know, you have a small daughter who’s 17 months old and What were your experiences having rheumatoid arthritis and, you know, family planning, Pregnancy…yeah. Yeah, it was a really long journey that actually formally started with, and I’m gonna do my little plug here, with this lovely book by Suze Edward Mays. She’s an […]

‘Are You Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Whose Parents Claim She Showed Them A Positive Pregnancy T…

Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!

Deb Roy: The birth of a word

Imagine if you could record your life — everything you said, everything you did, available in a perfect memory store at your fingertips, so you could go back and find memorable moments and relive them, or sift through traces of time and discover patterns in your own life that previously had gone undiscovered. Well that’s […]

[파파제스] 아빠의 태교 ‘태담’ (Talking to a fetus)

Bokdeong Bokdeong Are you kicking? Now, our baby(Bokdeong) is hiccuping in the stomach. Ugh. Like this. Right I think I can see it. Here. The whole stomach is crawling like this. Bokdeongyi You got hiccup? I need to surprise you. Whoa! Whoa! Surprise! Whoa! Try to stretch out your legs? Hi-Five Hi-Five Hi-Five You kicked? […]

A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night