Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition – Second trimester of pregnancy must haves!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Nutrition As you enter into your second trimester, your nutrition needs are going to change a bit. By now you’ve likely gotten any sugar and caffeine addictions under control. By now morning sickness should be easing. However, now you’ll face new challenges. Let’s look at the main ones you’ll face in your […]

Birth Stories Unmedicated Childbirth | Parents

When I went to the doctor for my checkup to see if everything was going okay or if they had to induce me, I went in and they told me I was 4 cm dilated and had a contraction that I didn’t know. I was due on July 31st and nothing was happening. So, I […]

MOMNN: Study Suggests Childbirth Hurts | Band of Mothers | Scary Mommy

– Hello from MOMNN Studios, the network that keeps on rolling long after Mom has passed out. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst parts of motherhood, but many moms are finding that falling asleep in the middle of a conversation saves time and money. Our reporter Janet is on the scene. Janet? – Yes […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Babies, Babies Everywhere, Part 1

Hi, I’m Kristen Bell. You might remember me from the movie Pootie Tang. Speaking of pootie tang, I’m here today in a labor and delivery room. Because what’s more beautiful than bringing a brand new slimy, squished up little person into the world? Nothing. That was rhetorical. I’ve done it twice, so I feel pretty […]

Octomum | Natalie Suleman’s octuplets turn 10 | Sunday Night

A Woman’s World (Official Trailer)

She was just her own little person, she had her own opinion, she was… um… pretty self-assured, she just called it as she saw it. I wasn’t gonna let a man determine if I was gonna have a baby or not. I mean, it’s- I’m still kind of… uh… moved by what she did. She’s […]

5 Tips for a better (birth) delivery with Dr. Daniel Hunde

we always talk about the birth from the mother’s point of view but what about the father? today’s episode Doctor Daniel Hunde Gynaecologist & Obstetrician The Walking Dad Hello! today we’re here with my friend Daniel and Daniel is a doctor and he works helping giving birth to babies what’s the biggest difference? how Sweden […]