❤️How to get Lower Back Pain Relief (Fast) ⭐3 Simple Steps ⭐ 2017

There is a new postnatal back pain solution that’s pretty huge right now and when you take advantage of it you can find yourself getting rid of postpartum back pain in no time and if you ignore it well let’s just say you’re missing out and the solution of lower back pain after giving birth […]


And there he is Waiting Waiting for his torturer he’s all set up this ain’t right. I don’t even do nothing What I love To do with it What is up everybody hey? It’s Britney with this unity crew today. I’m dressed in all black I’m ready to get my revenge on Chris today is […]

Doula Massages for Labor Pain

Ari Brown:  I’m Dr. Ari Brown with the 411 on childbirth positions. With me today, we have Miranda, mom to be, who’s about to deliver any moment now. We have Ame Shillington, who is a certified doula at the Get Babied Doula Collective in Austin, and we have Shelley Scotka, who is a childbirth educator […]

Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course World Mythology #5

Hi I’m Mike Rugnetta, this is Crashcourse Mythology and today, rather than focus on how the earth and what’s around it was created, we’re going to look specifically at what’s on it, more specifically people, and even more specifically, men and women. People. Also the occasional animal. No, not you Thoth. You’re a god with […]

[NEW] Min högljudda förlossning (My screaming childbirth)[ENG subs]

The day my second son was born started as any other ordinary day. My older son had his last session on the swimming school in the morning. Little did i know what was gonna happen. The evening of 29th July, i wrote this in my diary: “But i think my contractions has felt more intense […]

Intercourse Pain After Childbirth

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and I have a letter from one of my fans about his wife’s childbirth scars. And I’ve got some great advice for you. Here’s the letter from Harry. My wife has a scar from childbirth on the bottom part of her yoni. Last night during sex when we were doing the […]

Managing Pain During Labor without Medication

(uplifting music) – Hello, my name is Tammy Ferney. I’m a Registered Nurse and Clinical Educator at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about natural ways of relieving pain during the labor process. Changing positions in labor is essential to provide comfort, relaxation and relief of pain. It alters the […]

My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

– There have been so many times when my doctors have not believed me when I told them that I was in pain. The first one happened when I was 15 years old and during basketball practice, while running wind sprints, I started to feel this horrible horrible pain in my abdomen. You know how […]

I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and recently my life has started to resemble a TV series. Let me start from the very beginning. All 16 years of my life I have felt pretty different from both of my parents. I was never like anyone in the family, not in the way I looked, or […]

Alternative Medication for Pain in Labor

>What are other medications doctor that maybe can be given to relieve pain during labor and delivery.>Well there’s definitely medications that you could do as far as … narcotics that are giving intravenous. Now you have to understand that those narcotics are basically what they do is, they put them on to sleep. Therefore the […]