How To Make a Birth Plan

So what is a birth plan? Ultimately, it is a record of what you would like to happen during your labour. It could be that you would like a water birth or to give birth standing up, or it could be a preference of what pain relief you would like to have. It’s nice to […]

Anaesthetic procedure for elective caesarean section (C section)

An elective caesarean section is one thats planned in advance the decision to have a caesarean section is made between the patient and the obstetricians once we are given a list of ladies who are going to have elective caesarean sections we then invite them to come and see us in the anaesthetic clinic within […]

How an epidural is given during childbirth

An epidural during childbirth is an injection into your lower back that temporarily blocks pain from your waist down. You’ll be asked either to lie on your side with your knees tucked into your chest or to sit upright and lean forward. This opens up the space between the bones in your spine. Your anaesthetist […]

Epidural Anesthesia: Safe, Effective Pain Relief During Labor

[ Music ]>>Hello, my name is Dr. Ellen Steinberg and I’m the director of obstetric anesthesia here at Stony Brook University Hospital. I am proud to present you this educational video about epidural anesthesia created by some of our residents. The obstetric anesthesia team is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and […]

Tens Machine | Enduring The Pain Of Childbirth

tens machine challenge it’s time to go one-on-one with the postman… I’m Ry the guy who today unfortunately broke my best friend Chris’s phone so as a good friend that I am i’ma do the forfeit for an unfortunate incident earlier so this is unfortunately the forfeit I’d I love you apparently this is like […]

My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

– There have been so many times when my doctors have not believed me when I told them that I was in pain. The first one happened when I was 15 years old and during basketball practice, while running wind sprints, I started to feel this horrible horrible pain in my abdomen. You know how […]

Can Kegel8 Toners Be Used During Pregnancy? | Kegel8 FAQ

Can my Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner be used while I’m pregnant? There have been no clinical trials on the effects of electrical stimulation on pregnant women and their baby. This is something which ethically cannot be tested, meaning we are unaware of the potential risks it could cause to both the mother and the baby. […]

Pregnancy Pain Tip | Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Labrie with Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture. Back pain during pregnancy is common, but it’s not normal. There is a safe effective and medication free option for expecting moms to feel better. It’s called the Webster technique. The ICPA recommends seeing a chiropractor trained in the webster technique throughout pregnancy to improve […]