Jessica’s Story – A Journey through Childbirth and Rehabilitation

PainPod & Pregnancy | Physical Therapy & Pain Management | Labour

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve noticed I have been getting a lot of leg cramps in the middle of the night and a bit of a sore back. So that’s what I mainly use the PainPod for.. Just generally on my legs and the bottom of my back. It works so well. It’s amazing Usually […]

Managing stress, anxiety and fatigue in pregnancy with arthritis – Emer Sheridan

So it’s very normal in all those stages of pregnancy from pre-planning right through to the very end and the post-pregnancy period to experience stress and anxiety. I’m Emer Sheridan, one of the senior occupational therapists in Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services in Harold’s Cross, in the rheumatology, rheumatic and musculo-skeletal unit. So some […]