Childbirth Truths What to Expect from Obstetricians and Midwives

Hi everyone. It’s the 23rd of March 2018 in New Zealand. Today I want to talk about what you should expect from your obstetrician or from your midwife. I gave birth in 1970. I and hundreds of families developed the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation courses, birth was going through a big change in childbirth not […]

Understanding Maternal Health to Improve Fetal Development

I became interested in obstetrics and gynecology as a third-year medical student, and at that point in time the science of fetal physiology, maternal physiology was just beginning. It was very exciting, work done in England and in this country. And I had an opportunity to spend six months doing research as a fourth-year medical […]

Dr Christopher Ng Talks About Getting on the Pill | DocDoc

Let’s start with the positives when you’re on the pill. Effective contraception is one of the most effective contraceptives provided you take it properly. It regulates your period so it helps women with irregular periods. Women with heavy, painful periods. Similarly, it has benefits and is meant to alleviate those problems. These are short term […]

Dr Christopher Ng Offers Useful Tips for Health Pregnancy | DocDoc

Don’t get stressed about it. Pregnancy is unlike any other event. You’re seeing a gynecologist or an obstetrician because you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural event. So, unlike other disciplines or other conditions where you see a doctor because there’s something medically wrong with you, with pregnancy, you’re not. It’s a natural event. So, basically, […]

Labor and Delivery Nurses Provide a Seamless Experience

Hi, my name is LaToya. I’m a labor and delivery nurse at Mary Immaculate Hospital. As of today, I have brought in 152 babies into this world. Oh, I love working with Bon Secours. What’s most important to me is my team. Our nurses are awesome. We are the cream of the crop and we […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Travel During Pregnancy

Are you taking a cruise to nowhere, jetting off to Fiji? I’m Doctor Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to travel when you’re pregnant. Travel can be very safe in pregnancy with a few small bits of information. Safest time to travel is generally during your second trimester. In your first trimester, you’re nauseous, […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

Everyone enjoys sex, right? Well, not everyone wants to get pregnant. I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida, here to tell you how to avoid getting pregnant. There are many ways to avoid pregnancy, the easiest way is abstinence, that’s not always practical, so we’re going to start with the easy ones, over the counter methods […]

NSMC Birthplace Overview

Welcome my name is Lisa Cavallaro I’m the nurse director at the North Shore Medical Center Birthplace. This online tool will let you know what to expect when you have your baby here. Our Birthplace offers complete family-focused care through labor, delivery and after you return home. Our board-certified obstetricians, anesthesiologists, experienced nurses, certified nurse […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Sleep While Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Lying in bed, and can’t get to sleep. Well, unfortunately that’s one of the common side effects of pregnancy, difficulty in sleeping. I’m Doctor Jill from Tampa here to tell you how to sleep in pregnancy. Well, does it matter you’ve been sleeping your whole life. It actually does. Two things, in […]

Pregnancy Tips : How to Handle Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

They tell you there is going to be a lot of changes to your body when you are pregnant but oo, vaginal discharge? I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how to know if your vaginal discharge is o’kay. In pregnancy it is normal with the change of hormones to have a thickening or […]