What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?

(gentle music) – I try to ask patients to stay away from any injectables, Botox, fillers, we don’t wanna do any of that during the pregnancy. But if you wanna get your eyelashes done and your hair colored, I think that’s just fine. People also wanna know about getting their nails done, having their legs […]

How do I calculate my due date?

(gentle music) – Everything’s calculated from your last menstrual period. It gives you an estimate due date, which is around 40 weeks later, plus or minus, because about 20% of people deliver on their due date, and the most do not. Most deliver a bit before or a little bit after. (gentle music)

What are some early pregnancy symptoms?

Well you might be fortunate enough not to have any symptoms, which is not bad. About 25% of people have no symptoms and in fact can be farther along if they have irregular cycles to know they’re pregnant. But, early on most people are a little nauseous, primarily breasts are tender and the most obvious […]

How soon can I take a pregnancy test?

At home, over-the-counter urine pregnancy tests are considered valid somewhere around 10 days after you conceive. However, I usually recommend that we do the pregnancy test about two weeks after you think you conceived or when you miss your period, because they’re more accurate at that time.