Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in the Digital Age

There are certainly a large number of apps for diabetes. They’re a part of care; they’re not going to do everything for the patient, they’re not going to provide all the answers. They really need to be looked at as a tool. The National Diabetes Prevention Program can be delivered both in person and through […]

Medical Minute: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Donna Papazian. I’m one of the Nurse Midwives at Reliant Medical Group and I’d like to share some points, pointers about nutrition and pregnancy. Most important thing that you can do for your baby is to eat healthy – whole foods, you want to avoid anything processed, anything refined, any fast […]

How to Have a Painless Birth | 10 Practical Tips

Hello this is Chloe from Veggie magnifique – and baby – and this is the second in our series on natural birthing. Because I gave birth to this little snoozer about two months ago. The first video in the series was all about my home birth, because we had a non-medicalised home birth here in […]

The science of milk – Jonathan J. O’Sullivan

Why do humans drink so much milk? And given that all mammals lactate, why do we favor certain types of milk over others? Milk is the first thing we drink, and thanks to developments in the production and variety of dairy products, it can take on countless forms for our dietary and sensory well-being. Milk’s […]

Fertility and Pregnancy: Extra helpings – Ep 5. Part of the ‘Food as Medicine’ online course series

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone. We’re here to discuss some common questions that we get around the area of the microbiome, probiotics and also gestational diabetes risk. So Nic, can you tell us a little bit more about about that? NICOLE KELLOW: Yes, thanks for having me Mel. One of the topic — the hot topics […]

Body Weight Planner

Hi, I’m Dr. Kevin Hall from the National Institutes of Health. This video provides a brief introduction to the Body Weight Planner, an online tool that tells you the calories and physical activity needed to reach your goal weight and maintain it afterwards. The body weight planner is intended for use in adults 18 years […]

Why being overweight during pregnancy matters

If you’re sporting a few extra pounds – you know it is NOT good for you. And…………… if you could, you would do something about it. You’ve tried and failed. Now, many would tell you, your failure is a sign of a lack of will power. IT IS NOT. Obesity is a biochemical problem, not […]

We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

– You should always drink that much water. – Yeah, but I don’t. – Right, but that’s why you have bad skin. (lively music) – My current relationship with water is that I love playing in it, I love the way it looks. Do I put it inside me, no. – I should be drinking […]

Fertility and Pregnancy: Extra helpings – Ep 1. Part of the ‘Food as Medicine’ online course series

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi. We’re here to discuss food, fertility, and pregnancy, and some of the common questions that we see in practise. So firstly, a common question is, can women get enough folate alone through their diet for their pregnancy recommendations? CHRISTIE BENNETT: So this is a really common question in practise. And I guess […]

The Gift of Future Health – Pregnancy Exercises & Nutrition – Aptaclub

From the moment you know you’re going to be a mum you want to give your baby the best start in life. Your genes only play a small part in the amazing person they’ll grow up to be. The rest is in your hands. From the way you live, to how you love and nourish […]