झूठी गर्भावस्था │ False Pregnancy │ Life Care │ Health Education Video in Hindi

hello how are you ? i am fine doctor i am here to take advice from you on a serious matter what is your issue ? doctor is there something like false pregnancy ? my sister was 7 months pregnant even breasts started to produce a little milk but doctor says there is no any […]

क्या आपकी योनि से दुर्गन्ध आती है ? │ Why Does My V Smell ? │Life Care │ Health Education Video

hello how are you ? i am fine doctor thank you so what is your problem ? my partners says My vagina has smell due to which he is not interested in doing sex i don’t know what to do ? tell me one thing have you experienced that any smell is coming from your […]

जानिए ओवुलेशन के दौरान दर्द क्यों होता है │ Pain During Ovulation│ Life Care │Health Education Video

hello doctor hello what is your problem ? doctor in every month before 14-15 days of menstrual period i feel pain in my lower abdomen why does this happen and is it dangerous ? ok first of all i want to know when you feel the pain in lower abdomen and is it on the […]