How to Become a Midwife : Midwife’s Role During Childbirth

Hi! My name is Maureen Browne and on behalf of In this clip, we will be talking about the care by midwife in labor. During labor, the midwife will be less focused on the clock and she will allow labor to assume it’s spontaneous course. Examples of this would be fewer vaginal exams, not […]

MomsEveryday: Emily Beale, RN, Childbirth Prep

– [Narrator] Helping make your life easier, Moms Everyday – Hello everyone, as a mother of three it’s hard to really prepare for childbirth. Regardless, education is still key in the process. We have Emily Beale here with the Family Center at Capital Regional Medical Center and you’re a nurse and today we’re talking about […]

I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and recently my life has started to resemble a TV series. Let me start from the very beginning. All 16 years of my life I have felt pretty different from both of my parents. I was never like anyone in the family, not in the way I looked, or […]

Perfect Hospital Birth! Baby #4 Emotional, Beautiful, Clean! Pins and Things

This morning was not very fun. I had contractions all through the night. I think today is the day that we’re going to have a baby! They’ve got everything going. The doctor’s gonna come and break my water. In like 15 minutes or 10 minutes now. Contractions are getting close together. I really have to […]

The Childbirth

The Childbirth

My First Week As A Father *emotional*

The days have all blended together. There is no day and night. There is only sleep, eat, and poop. For both me and the baby. (Upbeat try guys into music) Pretty noisy in here because our house is still under construction It’s a work in progress. Any one thing would be enough. Uhhh ok I […]

The Try Guys Deliver A Baby

[Eugene singing] Tonto, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it. Today, we’re delivering babies. What do I know about the actual delivering of a baby? The whole process seems crazy. You’re like a human printer. I’ve never seen… any sort of *human* birth. I know that… Ugh but I really don’t know that […]