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Try Not to Laugh – Funny Baby Video 2019 – Cutest Babies Ever

What is Jaundice in Newborns?

Today I’m going to be talking about jaundice in the newborn period. It’s normal and quite expected that many babies, within the first few days of life, are going to be jaundice. And what does jaundice mean? Jaundice means that there’s yellow to their skin and the lining of their mucosa. You can see yellow […]

Eatus Fetus – Spotlight on: Mad Hatter Gerrit

Mm, okay, so… Ah, question? Are we recording? I am Gerrit, and some people call me Mad Hatter, which I don’t really know why. I’m not mad or something. This is totally cliche. I don’t know who came up with this thing. I’m not mad. Mmm… I have no idea. I mean, Kenny is always […]

Rosaleen 7/11 – Act II Scene 3 – I’m Dancing at a Ball

You are good to me, Alina. And I am sorry for your pain, whatever it may be. I thank you. You mustn’t fear me. We are friends now, you see? Come kiss me. Perhaps… after this child is born… if this child should live, God willing… we could find a better place for you. Perhaps […]

Frazer Hines and his Pregnancy Test

Frazer: You have to pee on this, don’t you? Moderator: You do have to pee on it. Frazer: No, not from there. Get Back! Not from there. No, I don’t pee on it. Moderator: The only thing was ultimately the test failed because what they hadn’t realized was, that really a pregnancy test should be […]

The Birth of Mansplaining (Cavemansplaining)

(upbeat percussion music) – Bunga make fire? – Yes, Bunga make fire. – Bunga should use spark rock to make sparks. – Bunga using spark rock. – To start fire, Bunga should use fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga has fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga should not use itch leaves. – Bunga […]

Terms of Endearment (1/9) Movie CLIP – Emma’s Pregnant (1983) HD

[ woman ] let me go, just for a minute. [ man ] you’re going to stare that baby right into a coma. Stop exaggerating. It’s not good to check the baby every five minutes And imagining one terrible thing or another. I know, I know. Here it starts. Here we go. Rudyard– Rudyard, she’s […]

Advice for Moms Who Lose Pelvic Floor Strength After Childbirth

(gentle music) – Well first thing is I reassure them that that’s very normal. Even for myself after every baby, not feeling that you’re controlling your bladder and not having that strength is just normal. You can’t expect your body to carry a very, rather small or big size baby and just return back to […]

Knocked Up (8/10) Movie CLIP – You Old, She Pregnant (2007) HD

(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Hey, what’s up? Baby girl. Hi. What’s up? End of the line, please. Really? Yeah. Oh, come on. Look, we’re at capacity, okay? We’ll let some people in when it clears out a little. You’ll get right in if you go back to the end of the line. We come here all the […]