Why Do You Like the Labor and Delivery Department at St. Petersburg General Hospital?

On labor and delivery, the real personal attention to laboring moms, really respecting their wishes, the postpartum and GYN floor is just wonderful. And in the OR and same day surgery, patients just love the experience there. And staff is just great to work with.

Neonatal Intensive Care for Premature Baby

Karyn: I was looking at his little outfit I have in the bag that he was supposed to wear home and I’m just, you know, hoping that he gets to. He was still breeched. And they ordered the C-section. I was really scared. Dr. Daneshmand: A C-section is hard on a body. A woman bleeds […]

My First Week As A Father *emotional*

The days have all blended together. There is no day and night. There is only sleep, eat, and poop. For both me and the baby. (Upbeat try guys into music) Pretty noisy in here because our house is still under construction It’s a work in progress. Any one thing would be enough. Uhhh ok I […]

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

Hi guys! In this video, I’m going to talk all about the biological development of young kittens and how you can tell what age a kitten is. It’s important to be able to identify the age of the kitten because that’s going to tell you how to care for them. (to kitten) Are you adorable […]

Opioid Use in Pregnancy: A Community’s Approach, The CHARM Collaborative

Presenter: Good morning. We are ready to begin our webinar. I’d like to turn it over to Nancy Young, who is the Director of the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare. Nancy Young: Thank you very much, Hanh. Thank you to all of the participants who are on the webinar today. We’re excited […]

Should We Spay Pregnant Cats?

Hi everyone Earlier this week i got a call from the DC shelter about a cat They’ve just taken in off the street She was wandering around outside Full-term pregnant and ready to pop Now, I typically take in orphaned kittens, who don’t have a mom But since we have an empty nursery right now […]

Blood Tests for Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

The first trimester blood tests have increased quite a bit over the last generation. There have been traditional blood tests given at the beginning of the first trimester which include blood type, blood count, tests for syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, thyroid, sometimes for liver functions. In recent times, there are more and more genetic screens that […]