Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats

-Robert, always nice to see you. How you been, buddy? -Oh, I’m great, thanks. I’m so happy to be back. It’s awesome. -We love having you back. -Thank you so much. -Now, you had a really cool thing. Last week, you got to honor your dad, Steve Irwin. He got a star on the Hollywood […]

Kristen Bell Chooses Childbirth Over Eating Cocoa Loco Spicy Chocolate

-How are you? -Wonderful. -It’s very bittersweet that “The Good Place” is coming to a close tomorrow. -Tell me about it. I know. -And it was very lovely. -I’m not going to cry. -You’re not going to cry. Well, you — It’s already ended for you, to some degree, yeah, so you’ve had time to […]

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

-Robert Irwin. How you doing, buddy? -Oh, I am beaut bonza. Thank you. How are you? -I’m good. Are you — What? You’re a beaut bonza? -I’m beaut bonza, yeah. -Now, you always teach me some new word. And what does that mean? -Yeah, well, beaut bonza just means amazing. -Just terrific. -Okay. -It’s the […]

Anthony Jeselnik Wants a “Science Baby,” Not a “Love Baby”

-Thank you for being here live. -Thank you for not making me dance onto the stage. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] -I saw Terry before. I was like, “I do not have that kind energy.” -Yeah. -Yeah. -We thought you guys would be a nice counterbalance to each other. -We go everywhere together. It’s a very […]

Seth Meyers Recalls Son’s Birth: It Was A ‘Horror Show’

– You may have noticed that I said in the five years my wife and I dated before we got married, the only mistake, the only mistake I made with my wife, is that I made her wait five years before I married her. That is too long for a woman of her caliber. I […]

Seth Meyers Recounts His Baby’s Dramatic Apartment Lobby Birth

-We love you. Thank you for coming down. -Oh, my God. So good to be back! -Thank you for coming down. You know what we should get? We should get a fireman’s pole for you. -I would love a fireman’s pole. -You’re right above us. -We could fully Wayne Manor this entire situation. -Just pull […]

Sebastian Maniscalco Can’t Make His Own Baby Laugh

-Welcome back! -Thank you. Thank you for having me back. -I’m happy to have you here. I know you’re always very busy touring. You’re on your “Stay Hungry” tour. But you were also in Toronto last week promoting a movie you’re in that was at the Toronto International Film Festival called “Green Book.” How was […]

David Letterman Ordered Chinese Food While His Wife Was in Labor

-Welcome! -Very kind of you. Nice. -It’s very nice of you to be here. -Hiya. Hi. I’m so excited. I’m really very excited. Paul. I am so… [ Laughter ] I feel like if I do well here tonight, I might get other invitations. -Yeah. -So I’m really looking forward to this. -Don’t put too […]

Beat Saber with Brie Larson

-Brie and I are about to compete in a virtual reality game called “Beat Saber.” -Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ] -Oh, dang. -Now here’s how — We have the Kool-Aid Man in the audience. [ Laughter ] -Oh, yeah! -Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah! All right, we’re going to take turns using laser swords to slash […]