Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

– So I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how […]

How The Past Broke The Present A Childbirth Revival

Hello. I feel like I sit in pondering mode right now. I’m doing a lot of research because our Charitable Trust in New Zealand is going to put together a 2-year trial with working midwives. I’ve been involved in the Childbirth Conversation since the early 1970s. Even back then, I knew the conversation was broken […]

Every Conversation About Childbirth Boils Down To How We See ‘Birth’

Okay. This is the Time I’m doing a lot of writing about childbirth and trying to de-confuse the language that’s been going on almost since I gave birth in 1970. I’ve learned (heaps) over the years of working with the Birthing Better families, who develop Birthing Better skills and being the Director of a Charitable […]

Part Of The Very Short History Of Childbirth

I’m the Director to Common Knowledge Trust. We house the Birthing Better skills. Let me tell you I know something about these skills. I know something about Birth Education. I gave birth first in 1970. We had Birth Education back then. We’d end up going to a supermarket and saying to a friend ‘Well how […]


Today I want to talk to you about my second birth story. My labor and delivery that was also pain free, that was drug free and intervention free. So stay tuned to hear about the methods that really worked for me, and my crazy story of how I had a 40-minute birth. So if you […]

Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits

Hey Vanderbilt Health. Today, we are gonna be talking about the midwifery model of care and what that looks like and how to navigate it maybe for some people who are confused about it and just about our phenomenal program here at Vanderbilt. I’m a huge fan of this program personally, I’m not gonna lie, […]

Natural Birth – Free VBAC Report

Hi, I’m Cherie Allardice. In this video I’d like to share with you my Free Report How Risky is VBAC? You see, one of the biggest problems facing anyone thinking of trying for a vaginal birth after a caesarean is the fear of risk to their baby – the big one being that their uterus […]

My Drug Free Home Birth Hypnobirthing Story – Was it really pain free? – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m back again with my good friend Grace Smith from I made a video recently about my natural birth experience by accident, because I was on my friend’s podcast and he asked me a question about my own home birth experience with my last baby, baby number […]

My experiences with Natural Childbirth | CloudMom

Sheila Kitzinger 17 Rising caesarean rates and the fear of childbirth

I think some the reason women are choosing caesarean section is because they’re scared witless and because they feel the power of the medical establishment. The power of Obstetrics, and unfortunately midwives feel like this too, I have midwives ring me up who feel disempowered or, in a birth, have not been able to do […]