The #1 Way to Minimise Labour and Delivery Pain

Ultimately, you experience labour pain because your brain receives messages from your uterus, telling it that the uterine muscles are working, and they’re sore. So… the number one way to minimise labour pain, is to interrupt those pain messages, and you can do it, without an epidural. Keep watching. Four weeks ago, I began this […]

Managing Pain During Labor without Medication

(uplifting music) – Hello, my name is Tammy Ferney. I’m a Registered Nurse and Clinical Educator at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about natural ways of relieving pain during the labor process. Changing positions in labor is essential to provide comfort, relaxation and relief of pain. It alters the […]

Are You Scared to Give Birth? – HypnoBirthing for Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and welcome to video number three in my series of five videos with the lovely Grace Smith from on HypnoBirthing. I’m pregnant. She’s helping me and we’re helping all of you have a blissful, exciting, happy, vibrant and wonderful birth. Are we really doing that? Grace: Yes, we […]

What is HypnoBirthing? – HypnoBirthing for Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and this is part two of my series of five videos on HypnoBirthing with the lovely Grace Smith from She happens to be my personal hypno coach, my real life angel in human form who helps me through everything that I’m going through all the time and now […]

Beautiful Homebirth for Baby #7

(music) – Is that a good length for a contraction? – Yes, this is exactly what we want to see. (music) – We are going to be having baby number seven tonight. We are so excited! – Tonight or today? – We’ll see, probably tonight the way things are going. We’ve got Petula, Avery over, […]

What is a Doula? – Natural Childbirth, Homebirth, Birth Coach – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here. I’m here with the beautiful Lindsey Bliss from Carriage House Birth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. I’m here on kind of an emergency recon visit. I am pregnant. I need doula advice and I’ve been talking about it online and I’m getting all kinds of crazy feedback about doulas […]

OB-GYN Offers Advice to Women Seeking Natural Childbirth

– [Newscaster] We have some great news, actually, to report when it comes to c-sections. The rate for c-sections are on the decline, according to the C.D.C. Meanwhile, more Moms are choosing to deliver naturally. So I’m joined now by Dr. Rebecca Wayman, she’s a Board Certified OB/GYN at Research and also Belton Regional Medical […]

Preparing for Natural Childbirth: What You Need to Know

The best way that a new mom can prepare for a natural childbirth in a hospital is, ideally, to get a midwife; if the hospital has midwives or if midwives have privileges there. If you can’t find a midwife, just to seek out a doctor who supports natural childbirth. Somebody who is on the same […]

Water Birth | Normal Labor and Delivery Vaginal Birth at Home | Baby Test

I sit properly now Is that alright? the baby in your butt It’s good to see it What a beautiful baby, cmon wahh waahh baby, my goodness, hello look at that.. Is a baby look at that This is Mary and this is Allan and this is big sister Anika you are big sister look […]

What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?

(gentle music) – I try to ask patients to stay away from any injectables, Botox, fillers, we don’t wanna do any of that during the pregnancy. But if you wanna get your eyelashes done and your hair colored, I think that’s just fine. People also wanna know about getting their nails done, having their legs […]