Caught on Camera: Dramatic Birth Outside Hospital

00:01 TROY: Kristin don’t push yet, don’t push! 00:03 KRISTIN: His head is out! I’m not kidding! 00:06 COMM: A heavily pregnant woman screams in disbelief as she gives birth on the pavement. 00:12 TROY: Sit down so I can catch him! Sit down! 00:13 MAN: Sit down, sit down, sit down. 00:16 KRISTIN: I […]

Expanding Birth Options

– [Narrator] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – The topic today in Neighborhood Health Watch is expanding birth options. The moment a woman finds out she’s going to have a baby, she starts asking questions and considering all the options. Among the first questions, will the baby […]

Atlanta Maternity Center Childbirth Experience: Amy Stanton’s Story

>>My name is Amy Stanton and I have three boys and I’m a nurse at Egleston. As a pediatric nurse, I’m very choosy, and delivering my child was a very big decision, and we felt very confident and comfortable with DeKalb Medical, and they really pulled through. I had heard that they were really good […]

The #1 Way to Minimise Labour and Delivery Pain

Ultimately, you experience labour pain because your brain receives messages from your uterus, telling it that the uterine muscles are working, and they’re sore. So… the number one way to minimise labour pain, is to interrupt those pain messages, and you can do it, without an epidural. Keep watching. Four weeks ago, I began this […]

Preparing for labour & Delivery | Doris wanjiku

Hello guys, welcome back to my channel in today’s video I want to share with you some of the things that I did to prepare for labor and delivery and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to get up and do some of the things so keep on watching. The first thing that I in both […]


hi everyone welcome back to my channel and here this week to explain your story about my leg I know I brought a video but so many of you been asking me a lot of things what it means these would happen here what is this so I decide even if I put subtitles that […]


Welcome back guys! Today I’m going to be sharing all of the ways that I prepared my body for a faster, smoother labor in those final weeks of pregnancy. First of all, I’m not a medical professional; I’m just explaining what I personally did. I don’t know any of your medical history. Definitely consult your […]

Are Doctors Doing Too Many C-Sections?

Vaginal births are OUT and surgical births are IN! So……yay science? Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Yall have heard of c-sections, right? It’s like…a surgical birth. The surgeon makes an incision in mom’s abdomen and uterus to pull the baby out. The Cesarean Section originally emerged as an alternative to vaginal birth in […]

Beautiful Homebirth for Baby #7

(music) – Is that a good length for a contraction? – Yes, this is exactly what we want to see. (music) – We are going to be having baby number seven tonight. We are so excited! – Tonight or today? – We’ll see, probably tonight the way things are going. We’ve got Petula, Avery over, […]

Positive pregnancy affirmations for labor and birth – labour meditations 2018