Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course World Mythology #5

Hi I’m Mike Rugnetta, this is Crashcourse Mythology and today, rather than focus on how the earth and what’s around it was created, we’re going to look specifically at what’s on it, more specifically people, and even more specifically, men and women. People. Also the occasional animal. No, not you Thoth. You’re a god with […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 10th September 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Your ideals and principles are right in their place, Rama. But it’s your duty to put an end to Tadka’s terror. So the decision to kill Tadka, and to end her terror… …I leave it to your conscience, Rama. But remember, Tadka is a sorceress… …who can take any form. She is laying a trap […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 9th September 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Luv Kush, do you remember… …what happened in the market today? Did you get the answers to your questions, from your mother? Why did you tell your sons that… …your presence in the market is connected with their father? We know the reason why Lady Sita was abandoned? Question on her character. Didn’t you say […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 29th August 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Hail Lord Lakshmana! All hail! How was my father tested? A question was asked to Prince Bharata… …in order to put him to test. ‘Prince Bharata… …tell us what is religion?’ ‘Bharata is supreme… …amongst them all.’ ‘Look at him.’ ‘He is such a divine personality.’ ‘Religion is not related to… …a specific community… …or […]

Ram Siya Ke – Luv Kush – 16th August 2019 – राम सिया के – लव कुश – Full Episode

Hanuman. Take me in that direction. Lord Rama? Here? Mother. Mother, see! Lord Rama. Lord Rama has visited our hermitage. Let us go, mother. Go. You may not get this opportunity again. Go and seek His blessings. Okay, mother. – Go. May you be blessed. May you make your clan proud. Do you know, King? […]