I GOT PREGNANT AT 12 BY MY TEACHER – Actually Happened Pregnant – Animated Story

Hi I’m Haley. I’m 15 years old now. it was 2016. me and my new friend Rosie walked into my school. suddenly, I found the most handsome man I have ever seen. that time we were in rush for math class. we attend our math class and that handsome man was our new teacher. he […]

I Was Homeless Pregnant Teen – Actually Happened Pregnant – My Story Animated Pregnancy

Suddenly and without warning! I found myself homeless! I was 15 years old and an important thing, I was pregnant! I had no money, no place to go, and no one could call for help. I was officially homeless. that was all new to me. my mind was poking me, I had no homeless training!! […]

I Got Pregnant At 13 – Animated Story – Actually Happened Pregnant

when I was 12, I heard from my friend that she had a boyfriend I was like wow, really! she told me, yeah! and she was like she was the happiest girl I ever see. that time I asked her, how they meet? or what about her next plan? ok but that is another story. […]