Seth Meyers Recalls Son’s Birth: It Was A ‘Horror Show’

– You may have noticed that I said in the five years my wife and I dated before we got married, the only mistake, the only mistake I made with my wife, is that I made her wait five years before I married her. That is too long for a woman of her caliber. I […]

Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman reveal their REAL birth names – The Graham Norton Show | BBC

And Meryl Streep, you weren’t always Meryl Streep. What oh? No at first that’s birth I Had to be named Mary because my mother’s name was Mary and her mother’s name was Mary and I was marrying my first daughter Mary You know yeah, I’m that way What do you call it read your habit […]


Good morning, John. [Hank makes goat noise] You know how I said that I lost the charger to my camcorder… Well, I did, and I don’t have any way to record this video. So, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of footage that I took over at mom and dad’s house, some of it, […]

Welcome Baby Sullivan! Positive C-Section Birth Vlog

Angel: ready to have another baby? (Piano music) Justin: “Are you nervous?” Angel: “No” (Piano music) Dr B: “good decision” (Piano music) Dr B: “Mama! Papa! Here’s your baby” Justin: “yep, look at that. Hey buddy” (Piano music) Justin: “huh?” Justin: “yeah, of course” (Baby cries) (Piano music) Good morning, guys! It’s go time! We […]

Conceive A Baby | Get Pregnant | Fertility Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is about belief. You must first clear your mind of negative thought patterns. You must acknowledge the fear and worry so that you can release them. This will allow room for positive energy and positive thinking. This will allow room to feel and visualize your belief. The Universe will hear your thoughts […]

Do you offer labor hydrotherapy? – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

(soft music) – We now have a labor tub in the labor hall, which is a great coping mechanism for many women because a lot of women are drawn to being in water while they’re laboring, especially women who want to try to go without medication in labor and delivery.

My Labor and Delivery – Ep 6 Almost Ready

( exhales deeply ) ( exhales softly )( music playing )No, no, no. ( exhales sharply ) Matte: Yeah? Shay: I’m a little worriedbecause I haven’t felt the baby move lately.No. Yeah.( music playing )( music playing )Mm-hmm. Ugh. Want me to– here. There you go.( music playing )Shay: It’s impossible to sleep.They just started […]