Making Babies | Newborn Moms

[shooting sounds from video game] Paolo: Do I have poo on my face? Rosie: No, no I was just… You know I wanna… I want us to do it. Ya, okay great! Okay! Oh God, oh the neighbours can see, the neighbours are right there. What? Ya. Well let’s go to the bed then. No, […]

CRNAs: Providing Comfort, Care, and Compassion During Labor and Delivery

– [Narrator] For first time moms, childbirth is the great unknown. Labor can last for hours and pain management is key. When Eva and her husband Alex learned that Eva was pregnant, they started doing their research. The couple came across a magazine article about a certified registered nurse anesthetist caring for a couple going […]

Babypod: an intravaginal speaker that delivers music to your fetus

I present to you the baby pod now you and your unborn child can listen to all your favorite music whenever you’d like um so welcome back you guys this is my own jizz accredited news network my name is Swarek mayanja and I’ll be your host please you guys can call me Q so […]

The Evolution of Human Birth

Hey! So, a few weeks ago Bill and Melinda Gates reached out to us about making a collaborative video based on a theme in their annual letter. This is something that they write every year to share their philanthropic goals for the coming months. One of their priorities for 2017 has to do with maternal […]

Babies at Sunnybrook

On-screen text: Sunnybrook logo. Title: From conception to Delivery – Sunnybrook’s New Women and Babies Program Marion DeLand: I’d like to welcome everybody to the new Women and Babies Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, opening on September 12, 2010. Families that come to our new environment will be greeted with bright space, state-of-the-art environments […]

Preparing for preterm baby’s hospital discharge

As your baby begins to mature you now have begun to interact and take care of your baby more often. One of the major things that you are now doing is beginning to participate in the feeding process of your baby. So be it bottle feeding or breastfeeding you’ll be doing this more and more […]

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Babies, Babies Everywhere, Part 2

Brought to you by the magic convention, the epidural. What’s also magical, the new Johnson’s products, improved inside and out. Let’s go catch some babies. Hi, I’m Kristen. A lot of hurry up and wait, huh? I got another patient in the other room. Next one, give me a big push. My heart’s racing so […]

The Bizarre History of Breastfeeding | ATTN:

Ever since there have been boobs, there’s been breastfeeding. From overdressed aristocrats using wet nurses to massive corporate campaigns converting moms into BABY FORMULA FANATICS women have heard EVERY UNSOLICITED OPINION IN THE BOOK on how to use their own boobs. Hi, I’m Natalie, and this is The Bizarre History of Breastfeeding. I loved breastfeeding […]

Twin’s difficult birth puts a project designed to reduce C-sections to the test

This story is from Kaiser Health News. The tiny hand and forearm slipped out too early Babies are not delivered shoulder first. Dr. Terri Marino, an obstetrician in the Boston area who specializes in high-risk deliveries, tucked it back inside the boy’s mother “He was trying to shake my hand and I was like, ‘I’m not […]

Ellen Stages a Sweet Mother’s Day Military Reunion

In honor of Mother’s Day one of my producers Skyped an amazing mom from North Carolina, gave her tickets to the show. She had the sweetest reaction. Take a look. So Tarrina we were able to get you a ticket to the show. I’m sorry. OK, I’m sorry, oh my god. So is this a […]