Karate Chop Fetus! Week 17!

Week 16 review. I have been in a bad mood I don’t know what it is. I think it’s hormones. I traded in the nausea for grumpiness and a very highly easily agitated nurse I don’t know why. I don’t know why. I don’t know why It’s been bad It just seems like all of […]

I Faked Pregnancy To Make My Ex Return Back To Me

Hi! I’m Nicole and I am 17. And I’m kinda in a need of a bit of advice about what I should do to get my boyfriend back after I lied to him and he found out about it. When Paul and I started dating a year ago, I knew he was the one right […]

Marijuana – Is it safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

– This changes everything. When you find out you’re going to have a baby, suddenly you know it’s time to be more careful with yourself and say goodbye to risky things like using marijuana. Because the chemical THC can cause serious problems with brain development, and growth or even pre-term birth, or still birth. And […]

PREGNANT IN FRANCE | What They Don’t Tell You About 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms!

Pregnancy Update Weeks 8 & 9 ⎮ Second Pregnancy (R-IVF)

Hello! Welcome… okay this is my second pregnancy update. I’m covering weeks eight and nine because I’m currently filming and I’m ten weeks and one day now. So I’m covering the past two weeks. Okay, um really I have a midwife appointment soon… tomorrow. So I will include that in the next pregnancy update. I […]

Therapies For Morning Sickness Which Really Works in Early Signs of Pregnancy

Welcome to my channel health for you Which complementary therapies could help? Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure that any complementary therapies will help you with morning sickness. However, feeling sick during pregnancy can be so miserable that you may feel that anything is worth a try. There are some treatments you can try for […]

Pregnancy: Ask Dr. Helain Landy

My name is Helain Landy, I’m the head of the department of OBGYN and a practicing maternal-fetal medicine specialist at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. I take care of high-risk pregnancies in my clinical activities. I do a lot of ultrasounds and associated procedures involving prenatal diagnosis, and I still do some deliveries. I think pregnancy […]


… guys, and welcome back to another pregnancy update. I’m at the very end of my eighth week of pregnancy, so I thought I would talk to you about my symptoms, how I’ve been feeling, how baby’s developing and all of that kind of stuff. And so the baby is now two centimeters long, which […]

Pregnant After Taking Plan B!

Hi guys…. Today I’m going to be talking about how I found out that I was pregnant and apparently somehow got pregnant after taking a “Plan B” So um a little backstory would be that, I’ve been on birth control before and it made me a crazy hormonal bitch and it just ridiculous the way […]

Pregnancy Update – I hate being pregnant

nice the neighbor wants to bang on stuff when I want to film hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is trena if you are new here I’m a mom to one with one on the way I’m a wife a business owner and I just create videos here that revolve around mom […]