The real cost of having a baby in 2020

How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Before Prime launched in 2005 one-day shipping was an exorbitant luxury. Now it’s the standard shipping speed for Amazon’s 100 million Prime members. Earlier this year Amazon doubled the speed of Prime shipping from two days to one. And the faster speed is now available on more than 10 million products. Prime one-day is basically […]

Guest To Dr. Phil: ‘Yes, I Am A Sugar Baby. And No, I Don’t See Anything Wrong With It’

my daughter jessica is a pathological liar when Jessica was 10 she told last mate she was pregnant and she was not she’s lied about being pregnant four or five times Jessica seems to thrive with the attention that she gets when she lies there was a time where she said that she took an […]

How Woman Accused Of Lying About Pregnancies Responds To Questioning

were you suicidal or not absolutely I was life was hell like I was going through hell and back and what was going on at the time I was still dealing with a lot of issues with Courtney obviously still going on with the hate pages I was dealing with moving back I had obviously […]

Chelsea Plans A Surprise Gender Reveal For Cole | The Sneak Peek Show

– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to The Sneak Peek Show. The show that keeps you in the know about everything going down on MTV tonight. I’m your host, Amy Pham, here to ease the pain of Monday with a very special gift. No, don’t worry, you didn’t need to get me anything. Seriously, it’s fine, […]

Overweight woman body-shamed, charged extra during pedicure | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Hi there, I have a job interview in an hour and I desperately need a pedicure Okay. Um, I guess I can help you take a seat, but be careful Just so you know, I’m gonna have to charge you a service fee because how do you say it You’re a big girl The same […]

Dr. Phil To Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancies And Babies Deaths: ‘Are You Ready, Willing And Pr…

if I go through a history and a timeline here and ask you some different questions are you are you ready willing and prepared to be completely honest yeah well think about that a second because we all get asked that question and the socially acceptable response is to say yes but you know we […]

Ellen Has a Big Surprise for Viral McDonald’s Pranksters

If you watch my show, you know that I love pranks. I like scaring people, and I like making celebrities wear an ear piece. And I tell them to say things. And they can only do whatever I tell them to do. I love hiding Andy’s phone and watching him have a panic attack. And […]

5 Job Interview Questions You Should Never Answer | The Financial Diet

Hey guys it’s Chelsea from The Financial Diet and this week’s video is brought to you by Squarespace and this week we wanted to talk to you guys about the questions that you may someday be asked when looking for a job that you’re not at all required to answer and in fact probably shouldn’t. […]