Overweight woman body-shamed, charged extra during pedicure | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Hi there, I have a job interview in an hour and I desperately need a pedicure Okay. Um, I guess I can help you take a seat, but be careful Just so you know, I’m gonna have to charge you a service fee because how do you say it You’re a big girl The same […]

Dr. Phil To Woman Accused Of Faking Pregnancies And Babies Deaths: ‘Are You Ready, Willing And Pr…

if I go through a history and a timeline here and ask you some different questions are you are you ready willing and prepared to be completely honest yeah well think about that a second because we all get asked that question and the socially acceptable response is to say yes but you know we […]

Ellen Has a Big Surprise for Viral McDonald’s Pranksters

If you watch my show, you know that I love pranks. I like scaring people, and I like making celebrities wear an ear piece. And I tell them to say things. And they can only do whatever I tell them to do. I love hiding Andy’s phone and watching him have a panic attack. And […]

5 Job Interview Questions You Should Never Answer | The Financial Diet

Hey guys it’s Chelsea from The Financial Diet and this week’s video is brought to you by Squarespace and this week we wanted to talk to you guys about the questions that you may someday be asked when looking for a job that you’re not at all required to answer and in fact probably shouldn’t. […]

GiANT CLUE GAME in Real Life to Win $10,000! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) Rebecca Zamolo

– You are here because you are my top hackers. – Who is that? – One of you is a traitor. – No, wait! – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – Go! The Quadrant’s following me! Okay, ZamFam, that was close. Matt and Daniel dropped a pin toward the hacker van. As you […]

The 7-Step Plan to Live Debt Free

– Well, it’s a new year, it’s a new you. And this episode is all about taking control of your money with the Baby Steps. (upbeat music) Can you believe it, you guys? It is 2019. We are a week into the new year, and it is just already so fantastic. So, a lot of […]

Teen Says She’s Sick Of Stepdad Calling Her Mom A ‘Gold-Digger’

my husband and I constantly fight over how he treats my 18 year old daughter Jasmine my husband is a little bit more short-tempered with her being transgender you know how she’s been bullied and taunted I don’t think it’s because of her transgender I think it was because of her attitude and walking around […]

Need Supernatural Provision? Watch This Video! | Debra Mantenuto

Sid: My guest was miraculously given a $94,000 car and $94,000 towards the purchase of a new home. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural! [music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s power to discover. And yet the strange, unusual and mysterious […]


So I just pulled out a bunch of 20s and these 20s are gonna become ones at the strip club because we’re gonna be spending Those ones on the stripper because this episode we’re testing a stripper. Yes. You heard that right? I said a stripper Her name is Vanessa, and she’s been stripping for […]