I Had A Baby • Hannah’s Birth Story

What I Eat Each Trimester of Pregnancy

A Brutally Honest Breakdown of How Much Pregnancy Costs

Hey guys, Bridget from Money After Graduation here and I wanted to do a video that is a brutally honest breakdown of how much pregnancy costs! And the reason I decided to do this video is because when I found myself pregnant, especially unexpectedly pregnant, I was so surprised by how expensive it was. Obviously, […]

What Are The Symptoms Of A Twin Pregnancy? (L+S: Ep. 9)

Knock on wood I’m having a great pregnancy this time and I had a great pregnancy last time in terms of minimal discomfort really, I mean… it’s uncomfortable but like you’re growing a person…so it’s gonna be uncomfortable and in this case I’m growing two people I’m definitely more tired this time around because I […]

My Unplanned Pregnancy, Single Mom Stigma, and more!

Hey everyone Bridget here, and today I’m talking about my unplanned pregnancy. I don’t really know how this video is going to go. I’ve made some notes but I’m still really nervous about sharing this because it’s a very personal topic and I’m going to answer some really personal questions as we’re discussing this. But […]