Supporting families with their stillborn babies – Kristy Wiegle

Mrs Wiegel works as a midwife at St John of God Mount Lawley Hospital, and is a recognised clinical expert in the field of midwifery. Since supporting a family who lost their baby through stillbirth in 2014, Mrs Wiegel raised more than one hundred thousand dollars to purchase a cold cuddle cart for every maternity […]

University of Iowa; Midwife Services

Midwives do maternity care, made well OBGYN care, family planning, so mostly those types of services. I think kind of that paradigm shift for our care is, you know we really focus on wellness and normalcy and promoting normalcy within the pregnancy and within your life and I think that a lot of women really […]

Is Birth Messy? Funny Birth Stories | Halloween Edition

We wanted to pick a super Halloween-y topic so we’re answering the question. Is home birth messy? Yes, it is. Hi, welcome to well-rounded mama’s do youTube channel. We’re so grateful that you could join us. If you like our video today, like subscribe, hit the ball, do all of the things today. I’m joined […]

Understanding Low-Intervention Childbirth & It’s Benefits

Hey Vanderbilt Health. Today, we are gonna be talking about the midwifery model of care and what that looks like and how to navigate it maybe for some people who are confused about it and just about our phenomenal program here at Vanderbilt. I’m a huge fan of this program personally, I’m not gonna lie, […]

SimMom – An advanced full-body interactive birthing simulator

[Music] feeling slightly faint sir learning how to make quick decisions during childbirth can make the difference between life and death sin mom is the latest innovation in maternal simulation it combines computer technology with anatomical accuracy to reproduce realistic scenarios certainly in the UK up to 50% of poor outcomes after delivery thought to […]

Hydrotherapy and Water Birth Delivery Options at Ohio State

We often provide hydrotherapy, which is labor in the tub. In water birth we actually have birthing tubs that are available in the labor and delivery unit that get set up and that allows women the opportunity to actually birth their baby in the water. It’s a really nice transition for the babies cause they’re […]

What does a Midwife’s scope of practice look like? What are the do’s and don’t do’s

Welcome to our Well Rounded Momma YouTube channel. Thanks for joining us. If you like this video, like subscribe and ring the bell. Today we’re going to be talking about the midwife and your newborn. How does midwifery care affect the care and keeping of your newborn baby? What is in our scope and what […]

How Partners Can Help During Labor and Delivery

Dads are very involved. We like for partners to come to visits, regular prenatal visits with the moms and ask questions and really be a part of the care cause it’s their child as well. And we really like for them to be involved during the labor and birth process, so we are pretty good […]

I Wanna Be a Midwife · A Day In The Life Of A Midwife

They’re so cute. There’s nothing more incredible than the creation and birth of new life and if you’re a mother or expecting mother you’ll know there’s one person you can’t do it without, your midwife. Midwives ensure that both mum and baby are healthy and safe right from conception all the way through to birth […]

Somersault Maneuver Demo

Hello, I’m Becky Bagley, Director of the Nurse Midwifery Education Program at East Carolina University College of Nursing. The video you are about to see is a demonstration of the somersault maneuver. The somersault maneuver is the maneuver that is used when you have a tight nuchal cord. It helps the cord to remain in-tact […]