English Vocabulary: Having a BABY

Hi. Welcome back to www.engvid.com. I’m Adam. Today’s lesson is a special one. We’re going to talk about having a baby. Everybody loves babies, everybody wants to know: How does this happen? Well, maybe not how it happens, but what happens along the way. So, we’re going to talk about having a baby, we’re going […]

Types of Fetal Positions – OSCE Guide

قبل الولادة وضع الجنيني قد يختلف Before labor the baby can be in a number of different positions ويمكن توقع هذه الوضع من خلال فحص بطن الحامل These positions could be predicted by a thorough pregnant abdominal examination في العرض الطولي يمكن أن يكون الجنين إما خرق أو رأسي In a longitudinal presentation the baby […]

The Truth About Home Birth w/Dr. Blair Duddy | Incident Report 225

Dr. Duddy, welcome back, son! – Thank you so much. So I really appreciate the introduction. One of the things we talked about after I did the gifted piece is, you know my professional life is really one on one with patients in the office. And so it was really neat to reach out to […]

Midwife Supervised Childbirth: Birth The Way Your Body Intended

Giving birth is actually a natural process. It’s not a disease. So there’s really no need to go to hospital to give birth. You can do a homebirth and have a licensed midwife with you in that process. I highly recommend it because when you give birth in a hospital, you’re at the discretion and […]

Medical Minute: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Donna Papazian. I’m one of the Nurse Midwives at Reliant Medical Group and I’d like to share some points, pointers about nutrition and pregnancy. Most important thing that you can do for your baby is to eat healthy – whole foods, you want to avoid anything processed, anything refined, any fast […]

Labor, Delivery and Midwifery at Ohio State

I think that when someone is looking for an OBGYN to take care of them, they should look for someone who is caring and knowledgeable, and who is interested in giving them the best care available. I would recommend OSU to anybody who’s interested in receiving quality care because it is an excellent facility, widely […]

How to Have a Painless Birth | 10 Practical Tips

Hello this is Chloe from Veggie magnifique – and baby – and this is the second in our series on natural birthing. Because I gave birth to this little snoozer about two months ago. The first video in the series was all about my home birth, because we had a non-medicalised home birth here in […]

Partner not on board with a Home Birth? Now what?

My husband gave us the topic to discuss today and that was what if you’re partner’s not on board with a home birth? W e are home birth midwives that work at Well Rounded Momma and serve, the Las Vegas Valley. I never get that question. Okay never. Just all the time. Just all the […]

Natural water birth story , live birth labor delivery in a hospital with a midwife, birth vlog

I was already in the pool for about 25 minutes before my husband started recording. working through a contraction I actually let out a scream! I surprised myself and proceeded to cover my mouth! pushing through a contraction I was telling my midwife I was in a lot of pain she reassured me it was […]

Dear Ágnes Geréb: A special message from the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference

A special message from the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference May/June 2012 The Hague University, Netherlands Lawyers, obstetricians, midwives & academics gather to discuss global human rights issues in childbirth “Ina May Gaskin” The main focus is on the case of Ternovsky versus Hungary But the name of one person that can’t be here is […]