How to Hold Your Newborn

Lorraine one thing you’re going to be doing an awful lot of is lifting holding and cuddling your baby. Babies really thrive on physical contact they love to feel safe and secure when they’re close to you. It’s common to feel nervous when you’re lifting baby, they appear so fragile and small and you’re afraid […]

Childbirth | from Sex, Explained on Netflix

[narrator] This is a stretch test, which engineers use to measure the strength and stretchiness of materials, like rubber. But here, it’s testing something different: tissue from a human cervix. The cervix is the gate between a woman’s uterus and her vagina. It blocks anything, -like a penis, from going any further up. -[whistle blows] [narrator] And […]

Why we need to talk about childbirth in the U.S.

My name is Patrisse Cullors and I am a senior fellow at MomsRising. Phew. So many women across the country, especially Black women, face some of the most horrific circumstances when showing up to the hospital to give birth. Here is my story. I remember everything like it was yesterday. My water broke and it […]

CALL THE MIDWIFE | Next on Episode 2 | Season 6 | PBS

– [Narrator] Next time on Call the Midwife. – It’s normally a wonderful thing about them brimming over with excitement. This case, it unsettles me. – You are midwives and nurses. Not maids and nannies. Those who do not earn their place must find another. (explosion booming) (yelling) – Telephone for an ambulance and a […]

Childbirth Truths What to Expect from Obstetricians and Midwives

Hi everyone. It’s the 23rd of March 2018 in New Zealand. Today I want to talk about what you should expect from your obstetrician or from your midwife. I gave birth in 1970. I and hundreds of families developed the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation courses, birth was going through a big change in childbirth not […]

CALL THE MIDWIFE | Behind the Scenes – Could You Really Deliver a Baby? | PBS

(upbeat music) – We often have people describing how Call the Midwife is an intergenerational viewing experience in their home and I think that’s lovely. I just think having it out there has been liberating. – And we’re off. – Ha! – Describing my character in three words, oh gosh. Fun, sensitive, opinionated. – Fred’s […]

My Home Water Birth

-how are we doing with the temperature, do we like it? -a little, little warmer -We should update Cass (doula), huh? you wanna update her? -You don’t have to stay in that position, I just want you to know. When the head starts coming out, that’s a great position to go into – I’m not […]

Sex During Pregnancy

When they ask me “how can I get this baby to be born?” and “I’m ready to get the baby to be born” and my answer is well the same way the baby got in there. My name is Greta Gill I’m a certified nurse midwife. Lovemaking I will I often tell women when they […]

How to Become a Midwife : Midwives & Fewer Injuries During Childbirth

Hello! My name is Maureen Browne and on behalf of, we’re here in this clip today to describe a little about midwives and the prevention of perineal trauma during childbirth. Midwives have a lower rate of epidural use and with this there is less incidence of extensive perineal tears, such as a third or […]

Is Birth Messy? Funny Birth Stories | Halloween Edition

We wanted to pick a super Halloween-y topic so we’re answering the question. Is home birth messy? Yes, it is. Hi, welcome to well-rounded mama’s do youTube channel. We’re so grateful that you could join us. If you like our video today, like subscribe, hit the ball, do all of the things today. I’m joined […]