MTHFR Mutation Explained In Plain English

How Risky Is It to Take Antidepressants While Pregnant

How Risky Is It to Take Antidepressants While Pregnant our answer as well as that of the American Congress of obstetricians and gynecologists egnancy the Corby has always been that certain medications namely selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and assess our eyes are safe enough to consider taking during pregnancy what’s more it can be of […]

PICTURE DAY – a short film

[Water Dripping] [Knocking] Mom: What are you doing in there? Drugs? [Bang] You know, I paid a lot of money for these pictures. Don’t, disappoint me! You’d better do something with that hair! And wear some makeup! [Jiggling Door Handle] You better show me what you look like before you leave. I don’t want the […]

Schizophrenia Is a Mystery, But This Discovery Might Change Things

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that has been fascinating scientists for hundreds of years because we just don’t understand it. But now we may have finally found the root of this devastating disorder… it starts when the brain is forming in the womb. Schizophrenia causes people to hallucinate, have a distorted view of reality, […]

Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

– The biggest thing I learned about pregnancy was that it is not joyful for everybody. (“After Eden” by Warner/Chappell Production Music) – I always wanted to be a mom, but I never wanted to be pregnant ’cause I always was really freaked out about the whole confinement of it, that’s what it always seemed […]

Signs you are a People Pleaser and How to Stop

Have you heard of people-pleasing? Are you a people-pleaser? Did you know that people-pleasing can have a really damaging effect on your self-esteem, on your relationships, and your life in general? If you’re interested to find out more, keep watching, because I’ve made you a video, and, in it, I will show you how to […]

‘I’m Here Too’ – Short Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

(wolves howling) (heart beating) (serene music) [Claire V.O] – I once thought it was impossible to feel alone. I mean, how could I? I’m surrounded by people. (group chatting) I have the best group of friends that anyone could ever ask for. They are loyal and encouraging. And my boyfriend, Jacob, is the sweetest guy […]