झूठी गर्भावस्था │ False Pregnancy │ Life Care │ Health Education Video in Hindi

hello how are you ? i am fine doctor i am here to take advice from you on a serious matter what is your issue ? doctor is there something like false pregnancy ? my sister was 7 months pregnant even breasts started to produce a little milk but doctor says there is no any […]

क्या आपकी योनि से दुर्गन्ध आती है ? │ Why Does My V Smell ? │Life Care │ Health Education Video

hello how are you ? i am fine doctor thank you so what is your problem ? my partners says My vagina has smell due to which he is not interested in doing sex i don’t know what to do ? tell me one thing have you experienced that any smell is coming from your […]

The best time to prepare for pregnancy

So when we think about the time frame for preparing for pregnancy, I think it’s important to prepare for you know a year if you can, six months to a year before you conceive, but the most important time is the last three months before conception. So this is the time that the sperm especially […]

Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised – Which Is Better?

Circumcision of the male penis has been practiced for thousands of years, often related to cultural and religious traditions. But whether you’re “cut” or “uncut”, is one better in terms of health, how it feels, or sex? Circumcision is a medical procedure that removes the foreskin from the head of the penis, exposing the glans. […]

The Try Guys Wear Crop Tops For A Day

– Me and Keith are fashion icons, that’s really what I’m here to prove today. – Very cold, I’m a little insecure. – Today we’re trying crop tops. – It’s gonna be top notch. Crop top notch. (upbeat music) – I’ve never thought about wearing a crop top. I think they look cool, I just […]

जानिए ओवुलेशन के दौरान दर्द क्यों होता है │ Pain During Ovulation│ Life Care │Health Education Video

hello doctor hello what is your problem ? doctor in every month before 14-15 days of menstrual period i feel pain in my lower abdomen why does this happen and is it dangerous ? ok first of all i want to know when you feel the pain in lower abdomen and is it on the […]

The Try Guys Test Their Sperm Count

– [Eugene] You guys ready? – [All] Three, two, one, go! – Jackoff! Alright, I’m gonna turn this off now so I can pleasure myself in an office. (upbeat, exciting music) – Okay, so, what are we doing today? I don’t know how is best to describe it. – Like, where do we. – When […]