Interviewing sperm cells….the parody.

he does he does he does is really often ah ah since recently since since since the break has been he’s been doing this very often and i know and i know it’s a false alarm because it starts very sudden would be like it is like from zero to a hundred real quick like […]

DaddyFit – The Workout with Baby

This is DaddyFit. A workout for daddies … with a fitness device that grows along with you … and makes you happy. The full-body-workout consists of 12 simple exercises like … the Smoochy-Push-Ups … …Daddy Squats … or Step by Step, uuh baby. But DaddyFit not only makes daddies stronger. Every single exercise, … the […]

8 Physical Traits In Women That Men Are Most Attracted To

eight physical traits in women that men are most attracted to evolutionary biology is patterned human beings and all other life forms to strive for passing on of genetic material we are groomed to look for the best mates who have the best chance of passing on our genes according to midge Wilson who is […]

How Much Do Guys Know About Birth Control?

– I know that it controls birth, and that is about it. – I’m gonna guess that not that many guys know that much about birth control, at least hormonal birth control, just because it’s usually women who have to deal with it. So, we’re gonna hit the streets of Hollywood today to see what […]

How different are men and women? — with Christina Hoff Sommers (1995) | THINK TANK

Ben Wattenberg: Hello, I’m Ben Wattenberg. As you may have noticed, men look different from women. But do men and women think differently? If so, could these differences be hardwired in our genes and in our brains? What would that mean for women? What would that mean for men? Joining us to sort through the […]

Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time

I’m expecting a lot of blood When we saw it in biology class when I was 17 And two guys had to go home It was horrible, it was just horrible. Oy vey… right Ahh there it is… Oh there is somethin’ happening. That’s it, it’s all open, she’s just split open Oh jesus… I […]

If Going To The Gynecologist Were Honest

(whip smacking) (creaking) (knocking) – Hi. The doctor will be in with you shortly. Um, well it could be five minutes, it could be 20 minutes, I’m really just guessing. – Well thank you for moving me from that larger waiting room into this smaller one. And for putting me in this thin, sheet-like, piece […]

Will This New Male Birth Control Gel Actually Work?

Let’s talk about sex. I know that’s the last thing most of you wanted to hear me say, but I have big science-related news about it! Right now clinical trials are underway for a new form of birth-control for men. Currently if you’re a man and you want to be the responsible one while doinking, […]

The Most Attractive Breast Size According To Science

What do men want? Well, if we are talking about what men are looking for in a physical sense, it seems science has worked that out for us. Some of those physical characteristics we are told include women having shiny white teeth. Studies also tell us men like strong hips. This is related to childbirth. […]