What EVERYONE Should Be Doing About Methylation | Chris Masterjohn Lite #73

Here are five things that everyone should be doing about methylation. Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com. And this is Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name of the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” There’s a lot of information out there including information that I’ve put out that’s about specific polymorphisms, […]

A Link Between In Vitro Fertilization and Childhood Cancer: Does It Matter?

Welcome to Impact Factor, I’m Perry Wilson. In vitro fertilization is a stressful process for potential parents, with costs measured in emotional turmoil, medication side effects, and thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars. Against that backdrop, a new study appearing in JAMA Pediatrics adds to the stress by linking the procedure to a small, but significantly […]

Skull tutorial (2) – Bones of the facial skeleton – Anatomy Tutorial PART 2

Next, we’ve got the little lacrimal bones. These are the tiny bones that lie here. So anteriorly, you’ve got the maxilla and then you’ve got this sphenoid bone, the zygomatic bone and the frontal bone. So you can just see if I zoom in a bit more, this is the lacrimal bone here, this little […]

Should I take 3 grams of leucine per meal?

Tiana Tallant says, “I heard Layne Norton discussing ways to maximize muscle protein synthesis. One of the rate limiters he discussed was leucine levels. He said that 3 grams of leucine would maximize muscle protein synthesis at each feeding. Does this make sense based on your knowledge?” This is something that Alex Leaf is much […]

How do blood transfusions work? – Bill Schutt

In 1881, doctor William Halsted rushed to help his sister Minnie, who was hemorrhaging after childbirth. He quickly inserted a needle into his arm, withdrew his own blood, and transferred it to her. After a few uncertain minutes, she began to recover. Halsted didn’t know how lucky they’d gotten. His transfusion only worked because he […]

Labor and Delivery Guide for Pennsylvania Hospital Expecting Families

(lively music) – [Narrator] Welcome to our video tour of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit. In this video, you’ll learn what to do when it’s time to deliver your baby. First things first, Pennsylvania Hospital is located in Center City, Philadelphia on 8th Street between Spruce Street and Pine Street. If you’re arriving between […]

The story behind Japanese Bitterling fish that determined pregnancy – Series 2 Episode 4

Welcome to another Stories From The Stores We’re joined today by curator Sarah Bond and she’s told me that both these objects were used to detect pregnancy in the last hundred years. Sarah, how is this true? Both of them are used to detect a hormone in pregnant woman’s urine called HCG. Scientists first discovered […]

Micro Preemie Heads Home for the Holidays (Akshaya Vachharajani, MD)

“She’s a fighter.” Even surrounded by monitors and pumps, Joy Day’s spirit shines through. “She’s feisty. She reminds me of my mom and her side of the family.” Joy has needed every bit of that spunk. Her parents, J.P. and Amber, and their three children were serving as missionaries in the country of Jordan when […]

The Birth Of Queen Naija | Official Trailer | Premieres Friday, March 22nd

♪ ooohh, hey baby ♪ Some people doubted I could finish this tour because I told them I was pregnant before it started but I don’t care what they say, I’m doing it. Yup – [Young Girl] Yep! (laughing) – I’d like to wear a sexy cheetah dress. – [Young Girl] I will wear sexy […]