– What’s up crazies? Do you guys notice anything different about me? Y’all, I got a grill. I feel so gangsta with this grill in my mouth. This is my first grill, and I’m loving it. I have a little bit of a lisp, but I don’t even care because this grill is poppin’ right […]

The Truth About Social Media | EP. 2 The Slumber Party

♪ ♪ Maya: We’re back for another slumber party. And look at the beautiful ladies. All three: Hi. Maya: We’re so happy that you guys love the show, because we love it, and we just wanted to read some of your comments. Amy: Yes. Maya: Because today’s episode is all about social media. Amy: One […]

I’M PREGNANT [#1 – SEASON 1] – LaToyasLife

(hiphop music) – [LaToya] Anxiety attack here. – [Maya] What do I do? – [LaToya] Take it, I don’t want to look at it. – [Maya] Oh, okay. – [LaToya] (mumbles) – [Maya] Did you already, ok, it’s doin’ it’s thing? How long is it supposed to take? – [LaToya] I don’t know, did I […]