Postpartum What To Expect AFRICAN EDITION / THE TRUTH!

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Labor and Delivery Guide for Pennsylvania Hospital Expecting Families

(lively music) – [Narrator] Welcome to our video tour of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit. In this video, you’ll learn what to do when it’s time to deliver your baby. First things first, Pennsylvania Hospital is located in Center City, Philadelphia on 8th Street between Spruce Street and Pine Street. If you’re arriving between […]

First Trimester Fetal Testing Options in CA

So starting as early as say week nine is kind of when you need to start making decisions on whether or not you want to test your child for anything such as chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and whatnot. Now there’s a lot more options than when I had my first, so I had to […]

Wedding, Newborn and Maternity Photography with Canon by Farida Alvi

I’m Farida Alvi, I’m a newborn, maternity and wedding photographer. I have a degree in psychology and couldn’t find a job in psychology that I actually enjoyed and when I realized you can just be a local photographer I was like that’s it that’s what I want to do for a career. I spent six […]

Childbirth Education with

As mothers, we hold on to our childbirth experiences for the rest of our lives. From the beginning, we plan pregnancy announcements and gender reveals. We research the safest car seat and buy the best baby carrier. From bottles to breast pumps, we prepare our worlds for our little one. But how often do we […]

What is a fetal echocardiogram?

Echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart and a fetal echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the baby’s heart. It really is like the same type of ultrasound that you have during your OB visit but I’m focusing much more, specifically looking at the heart. I don’t look at how the baby’s growing, I’m not looking […]

Better births: personal and safe

This is Laura she’s expecting her first baby early on in her pregnancy Laura did lots of research and she spoke to her friends about their experiences as pregnancy and childbirth but there was so much information it made her anxious she really didn’t know what to expect and was worried she wouldn’t be able […]

Normal Fetal Movement and Growth | Kaiser Permanente

(lighthearted instrumental music)>>Lissa Daimaru-Enoki, MD OB/GYN – Prior to 28 weeks, baby’s movement may not be very predictable, sometimes babies are really active, sometimes they’re resting.>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN – As your pregnancy progresses, particularly in the third trimester, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on fetal movements.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN – […]

I’m in Nike’s Ads, But They Won’t Give Me Maternity Protections | NYT Opinion

The culture around pregnancy in track and field is silence. Get pregnant and you hide it. It can feel so risky when your livelihood depends on it. I’m Allyson Felix and I’ve won nine Olympic track and field medals, and that makes me one of the most decorated women in track and field history. I’ve […]