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Q&A with the Archbishop – Why can’t the Church support IVF as a valid fertility option?

i’m Archbishop Mark Coleridge and you are watching Q and A question-and-answer for The Catholic Leader One of the really sad things is to meet people who want to have children often desperately want to have children but who for one reason or another can’t conceive or haven’t been able to conceive so far. It […]

Anti-Abortion Fetus Dolls Handed Out In School

the principal at oakwood elementary school in virginia has been placed on administrative leave uh… because the a civilian or has claimed that she e is uh… coercing students and staff to take part in religious studies on-campus ok okay now well this is happening more recently uh… the stalls have been passed out to […]

Stages of Family Life: Crash Course Sociology #38

How does a family become a family? Well, when two people love each other very much… I’m joking, I’m joking – kind of. As we discussed last week, American families often form around marriages. So, romantic relationships can be a first step in the stages of family life. It might seem strange to think of […]

Women who are single in their 30s are part of a global phenomenon – News Today

American women who remain unmarried well into their 30s are in good company – and part of a growing global trend, according to researchers From Indonesia to Egypt and everywhere in between, anthropologists and other experts are hearing from women who are delaying marriage for a variety of reasons – including educational and career aspirations; […]

Family Feuds + Forgiveness 💞 | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

– I don’t call her. You keep dogging me. – You’re mad that I don’t wanna– (shouting) – You don’t even tell your family the truth! – Buy somewhere else ’cause you’re not even welcome here. – [Blonde Woman] You don’t even tell the truth. – Your mom’s the (beep) one, every (beep) time. – […]

Best Of Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus’ Most Memorable Moments | MTV

(giggling) – [Briana] Hi, I’m Briana. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Orlando, Florida when I was 10 with my mom, older sister and our dog, Prince. Hi, Prince! I’ve always been a good student. I even graduated high school a year ahead of my class. (cheers) I’m really looking […]

Patient Gets Married, Gives Birth at the Brigham | Brigham and Women’s Hospital

We woke up and we were like, “man babe we’re still not married.” * laughter * This is CW15 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, labor and delivery. Aliyah, our nurse, came to me and said that her patient wanted to be married before they had their baby. We got married a year and a half […]

Young giving up on marriage and childbirth due to lack of ‘decent’ jobs

a group of experts has looked into the problem of the low birthrate and low number of marriages here in Korea and they have found that the problem is not because young people don’t want to get married and have kids but because life is too hard on them our whom you has more people […]