Pregnancy Week 11-12 | Adventures of Alcaraz Ep. 13

– Welcome to the Adventures of Alcaraz Podcast (laughs). My name is Julian Alcaraz. – And I’m Miranda Alcaraz. And this is week 11 to 12 – Wow– – Of our pregnancy podcast. – So we’re like, a fourth, over a fourth, of the way done. – Mmh. – It’s pretty wild. It’s been a […]

Childless Guy First Birth Experience – Twins! The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge – P2

hey what’s up how are you it’s Jesse again and if you were coming back to watch this one from already of being subscribed thanks for hanging with me and thanks for coming back if this is your first time definitely feel free to sit and watch and hang out with me and decide if […]

Snooki’s Pregnancy House Tour | Jersey Shore

(techno music) – Hey guys, and welcome to my pregnant house. (techno music) You have to wait until Jersey Shore to see how I decorated this place. Obviously it looks like, you know, a grandma lives here. So I definitely put like my animal prints and everything to make it look more like me. But […]

Jenna Dewan’s ‘Terrible’ Pregnancy Cravings

This is so nice. It’s so nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Finally meeting you, I’m so happy. I know. We’ve never met. And you’ve been in a movie with Helen Mirren, and you’ve never met her. And I was in Monsters University with her, and I never met her until today– makes two of us. Oh, […]

Happy Labor Day, Mawmas! 👶 Jersey Shore Family Vacation | MTV

– Right now I’m like, freaking out, because I’m thinking okay, maybe I’m like going into labor. – Labor. – Labor. – Labor. – Labor. – Labor. – Labor right now. – Instead of life throwing me a curve ball, it threw me a sperm ball. (film reel flutters) Are you sitting? I have to […]

What was it like having a natural birth?

(somber music) – Primarily getting through the pain is just a lot of like mental focus. And breathing is extremely important. What we learned in our class was that if you start going through pain, a lot of us will start hyperventilating. And that only makes the pain worse. So if you’re able to calm […]

I’m In LABOR!!! | Baby Q&A Vlog 2018!

Heis to them Wow, hey everybody If you are watching this video It means that I’m in labor and we’re on the way to work Well, if you’re watching it right when we post it if not I could still be in labor or we could have already had the baby by now Please be […]

Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time

I’m expecting a lot of blood When we saw it in biology class when I was 17 And two guys had to go home It was horrible, it was just horrible. Oy vey… right Ahh there it is… Oh there is somethin’ happening. That’s it, it’s all open, she’s just split open Oh jesus… I […]

17 Week Pregnancy Update ⎮ Does The Baby Have Down Syndrome?

Hello, welcome! Okay I know it’s been a while and you guys have been waiting for a pregnancy update. I’m really sorry it took me so long… oops. Um, you probably already know the answer to this videos big topic if the baby has Down syndrome. If you have seen our recent vlog, which you’ll […]