Kristin Gets A Bikini Wax For The First Time • Ladylike

– Oh no, we’re doing the inside of the book jacket. – Today we will be giving Kristin and her lovely friends Brazilian waxes. – [Amanda] One, two, three. (wax strip snaps) (logo whooshes) – So the other day, it was revealed on group chat, by me, that I have never gotten a bikini wax […]

We Tried The Changing In Our Car Challenge • Ladylike

today Mike is making us changing our cars I’m a hot-blooded American woman of course I’ve changed my car before I’ve changed a tampon in my car before I’m actually a reptile anyway I’ve changed in my car but also in the driver’s seat I never use energy to go to the back where there’s […]

I Had A Teenage Pregnancy

my name is angel I’m 46 and I got pregnant at 17 and had an abortion I’m Alyssa I’m 24 I got pregnant at 19 and now my son is 4 years old I got pregnant 19 right after I moved away for college I moved about 3 hours away from home found out I […]

We Try Recreating 18th-Century Hairstyles

why would you do that for funsies I’m scared what if I beg why am i doing my you hate me so today we are going to be attempting to do 18th century hairstyles on ourselves I love that you sight attempting so the lovely Lawrence towel and Abby Cox with Shana McKnight wrote this […]

Freddie Tries Tracee Ellis Ross’s Morning Routine • Ladylike

it’s Freddie like and tomorrow I’m gonna be doing Tracee Ellis Ross his morning routine you all may have seen Chantal do Oprah’s morning routine so I decided to follow suit with my personal Idol as you all know te Tracy Mizrahi nasty my morning routine so I started working out on the day where […]

We Wore Pregnancy Bellies • Ladylike

– Babies and bellies. – They’re all involved in this magical thing called pregnancy. – None of us are pregnant. – [Jen] I think. – I know. – [Jen] Yeah, I know. (laughs) – We wanted to know a little bit about what it’s like to go through the world as a pregnant person. – […]

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement • Ned & Ariel

So Ned is coming home from Alaska in About a minute, and I have a little surprise to tell him so I’m gonna hide this camera *door opens* Bean, is that your daddy? Hiiiiiii! I missed you I missed YOU I have a present for you What? What? A present! Yeah come on in I […]

Women Go Without Period Products For A Day • Ladylike

(upbeat music) – We are going to be freebleeding. – That means we’re not going to be using any period products at all. – We’re just gonna let it all out, and everyone’s gonna be there for it. – If I couldn’t have any period products, I know that my period would be so messy. […]

We Dressed According to Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike

wait I wish we had like a sound effect for ours Gemini you can be two twin babies alright ladies ladies night it’s lemonade oh we are gonna be dressing according to our zodiac signs for a day since I’m leo does that mean that I just kind of do loving fathers Browns Naturals furs […]