Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, taught us how to interact with our Lord and how to conduct ourselves during an important stage of life; [having a child]. The Beloved Prophet’s teaching, peace be upon him, starts with the very beginning of one’s life. He counselled us, peace and blessings be upon him, […]

Wedding, Newborn and Maternity Photography with Canon by Farida Alvi

I’m Farida Alvi, I’m a newborn, maternity and wedding photographer. I have a degree in psychology and couldn’t find a job in psychology that I actually enjoyed and when I realized you can just be a local photographer I was like that’s it that’s what I want to do for a career. I spent six […]

Episode 4: What was your experience of childbirth education classes?

For me this really helped me to get over my anxiety. And I thought I was prepared… and I was far from prepared. It was like “Oh great, I guess that’s my cervix stretching.” “Well, that’s painful and also very necessary.” You only give birth to your baby once. Why wouldn’t you want to make […]

She Watched the Live Birth!

Kids React to their Own Birth Videos!

How The Past Broke The Present A Childbirth Revival

Hello. I feel like I sit in pondering mode right now. I’m doing a lot of research because our Charitable Trust in New Zealand is going to put together a 2-year trial with working midwives. I’ve been involved in the Childbirth Conversation since the early 1970s. Even back then, I knew the conversation was broken […]

Every Conversation About Childbirth Boils Down To How We See ‘Birth’

Okay. This is the Time I’m doing a lot of writing about childbirth and trying to de-confuse the language that’s been going on almost since I gave birth in 1970. I’ve learned (heaps) over the years of working with the Birthing Better families, who develop Birthing Better skills and being the Director of a Charitable […]


(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so like, he just flew out. I might as well include his […]

#SBbirth: Benefits of skin-to-skin

Skin to skin contact in vaginal birth is now well established as a method of improving many outcomes for the baby and mother. It improves the babies temperature regulation, their chances of getting jaundice, breastfeeding, the contact between the mother and baby, and it’s been shown perhaps to even improve post-natal depression. What we’ve done […]