(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so like, he just flew out. I might as well include his […]

Labor and Delivery-When am I Giving Birth Already? What are the Labor Signs that you are In Labor?

((HOST EMILY FRANCES-HOW TO MOM TV)) Hello Everyone, this is Emily Frances and welcome to How to Mom TV. So you�re at the end of your pregnancy, the home stretch. Even though the end of the rainbow is in sight, chances are you are feeling like crap, you�re bloated, you�re swollen, your back hurts and […]


– Good morning, everyone. What’s going on? It’s super early. It’s about 5:30 a.m. Heading down to the airport. As you all probably already know, I’m going to New York. Looking forward to it. I’m going to be away for about a day. I got my main man, Kyle. – What up? – Who is– […]

What They Don’t Tell You About Labour

TV lied to us When they’re checking how dilated you are it’s not really like that It’s more… That Like they’re holding an egg inside of you Brace yourselves for that one I read the books and I went to antenatal classes but when it came to the big day, there was a few wee […]

Labor, Delivery and Birth Video – Definitive Guide to Vaginal Delivery | Mummy Center


Husband Q&A Support Expectant Mom with Labor and Delivery

Preparing for labour & Delivery | Doris wanjiku

Hello guys, welcome back to my channel in today’s video I want to share with you some of the things that I did to prepare for labor and delivery and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to get up and do some of the things so keep on watching. The first thing that I in both […]

Having a Baby at Trillium Health Partners – Talk Trillium Season 3, Episode 3

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Patti Cochrane) Hello, and welcome to “Talk Trillium: Partnering For Patients.” I’m Patti Cochrane, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Trillium Health Partners, which includes the Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and the Queensway Health Centre. I’ll be your host today as we take a look at how our hospital […]


– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to be giving you some tips on how to be the perfect birth partner. I’ve got my birth partner here with me, this is my husband, Matt. So we have three children together and he was very good and very helpful throughout […]

Pregnancy Tips & Baby Care with Dr A Kanimozhi | LifeCell Webinars

nah nah but sodium on baby yeah can I start honest hi I’m dr. Connie Murray senior consultant cloud9 Hospital T Nagar Chennai today I’m here on webinar to clear all your doubts of all the myths of pregnancies you might all think why this is needed at this out of time are so many […]