Caught on Camera: Dramatic Birth Outside Hospital

00:01 TROY: Kristin don’t push yet, don’t push! 00:03 KRISTIN: His head is out! I’m not kidding! 00:06 COMM: A heavily pregnant woman screams in disbelief as she gives birth on the pavement. 00:12 TROY: Sit down so I can catch him! Sit down! 00:13 MAN: Sit down, sit down, sit down. 00:16 KRISTIN: I […]

Who You Should Have in Delivery Room | Pregnancy

So, who should you have with you when you give birth? The most important thing is to have a labor companion. This labor companion can be your life partner, a family member, a friend, anyone who is there to support you in having the type of birth that you would like to have. It’s really […]

Immediate vs Delayed Pushing During Second Stage of Labor

The second stage of labor, defined as the interval from complete cervical dilation through delivery of the baby, is a critical period for both mother and child. A prolonged second stage is associated with adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. The two most common approaches to managing the 2nd stage of labor are immediate pushing, where […]

CPMC Mission Bernal | Birth Center | Labor & Delivery 360 tour

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: This is one of our new labor and delivery rooms in the Mission Bernal neighborhoods. Take a look around. As you can see, our rooms are large and spacious with lots of natural light and outdoor views. Each room is completely private with its own bathroom and shower. We even have labor […]

Strongmommy Chrissy LABOR AND DELIVEY 🤰

hey guys back with another video but before I start make sure you smash that like button also make sure if you’re not subscribed to the channel you do so making sure that the notification Bell is on so when I upload my next video you are the first one to watch also make sure […]

Contractions Labor How to Check? Premature Labor Birth Contractions Pregnant Labor

How to Check for Contractions Premature Labor (Preterm Labor) Checking for contractions is a key way of spotting early labor. 1 Place your fingertips on your abdomen. 2 If you feel your uterus tightening and softening, that’s a contraction. 3 Time your contractions. Write down the time when a contraction starts, and write down the […]


And there he is Waiting Waiting for his torturer he’s all set up this ain’t right. I don’t even do nothing What I love To do with it What is up everybody hey? It’s Britney with this unity crew today. I’m dressed in all black I’m ready to get my revenge on Chris today is […]

Chiropractor Fanwood Explains How Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Labor & Delivery Time

Good morning Dr. Eric Chludzinski here with Fanwood Back Relief Center. Today we are going to talk about the reduction of labor & delivery time with chiropractic care. A recent case study compared the labor and delivery duration of a pregnant patient who did not receive chiropractic care during her first pregnancy but did receive […]

Doula Massages for Labor Pain

Ari Brown:  I’m Dr. Ari Brown with the 411 on childbirth positions. With me today, we have Miranda, mom to be, who’s about to deliver any moment now. We have Ame Shillington, who is a certified doula at the Get Babied Doula Collective in Austin, and we have Shelley Scotka, who is a childbirth educator […]

[NEW] Min högljudda förlossning (My screaming childbirth)[ENG subs]

The day my second son was born started as any other ordinary day. My older son had his last session on the swimming school in the morning. Little did i know what was gonna happen. The evening of 29th July, i wrote this in my diary: “But i think my contractions has felt more intense […]